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  1. I got a sample of this . All I have to say is that I love it when it dries down on me. Will get a bottle roll in June. It’s on my schedule
  2. Hey guys. Just let you know that travel shock is real!!! I begin to like my fragrance more after letting them sit in dark room for a few days!
  3. Here is my review for Crema Delizia with BAM. The first time that I tried i was a sniff right after it was delievered. It was not very impressive. however, today, after shower, I decided to try again. Yes. I love it this time. I first tried the Pussy cat, it’s creamy delicious. Then I put on this Crema Delizia. I have to say they do feel similar. But personally I love Crema Delizia better. Nice sweet creamy chocolate coffee scent comes out first, later you can smell something that gives me a feeling of green and clean leaves buried in the creamy scent. (Maybe the balsam?) I really love it. I will go a full bottle
  4. I tried UN LFN this morning. I have to say I do love it. I think I am sensitive to smell. and I can tell the cops and pheors in almost all scented fragrance in wet if there is any. however, I can barely smell the cops in this one, and it's the reason why I love it. I can blend it with my DIY fragrance, and I will wear it to gym today to see the field test result. I will report later.
  5. This is my review on Balm Bomb: overall impression: very sugary vanilla In bottle, and wet: it's kind of cream and I can smell lavender. (I am a lavender person, I love love strong herbal lavender). so this to me is kind of weak lavender. Dry / after several hour: smells pure candy sugary on me. (But my skin chemistry is kind different, my skin tends to turn everything into milky creamy sweet smell, even when I wear pure pachouli oil lol)
  6. I ordered a bunch of trials for myself. This one is the best scent for spring and summer! smells so so so good in the bottle and when wet. It's like soft rose water with something else that is fresh and green. I do love it since it is not overly sugary/ sweet. I can't help myself smelling it on my wrist when I just put it on. By the way, I am not sure if open window will make you emotional and vulnerable. I put on this rosalynd w/ Open window, and was reading some cases on atypical heart attacks. Those cases reminded me my grandmother who passed away a few years ago due to heart attack. I suddenly felt the emotion of missing her deeply, and my grieving for not discovering it at the first place. This is not typical me. After 3 hours, it turned into weird smell on me. It smells like soap w/ detergent. It's not unpleasant, but I do hope the wet scent can stay longer. PS: I totally find out what what' cop smells to me: salty dirty cream honey.
  7. Guys, my package finally arrives. I totally understand now what you mean by "pheros/cops smells like dirty honey". Yes they smell very dirty to me 😂 quick review of some scents I just tried: My fav is Rosalynd w/ open windows, and goodness of blue moon w/LFN. perfect scents to wear during summer and spring. very clean floral. I also love cuddly bunny w/ CB. When I opened phero girl, I smell a strong scent of creamy dirty salty honey. I am a little overwhelmed right now. my olfactory needs some rest
  8. Thank you Eve. Actually USPS brings it here just 5 minutes ago. I was thinking of thanking the stuff who bring my package here. But she fled away before my thankfulness.
  9. Hi everyone, I need some help. I placed my first order LPMP order on April 2nd. And I live in South Maryland. USPS tracking system keeps saying my package is transit to next facility with no location indicated. I had a friend who works for USPS looked the tracking record for me. She said it never departed the office in Portland OR 97215. Probably got lost there. And suggested me to file a claim as soon as possible. In case of filing a claim, or lost mail search. I am wondering who file the claim, LPMP or myself? If I need file the claim, USPS needs the sender’s receipt and address info, which is something that I don’t know. I know the losing package by USPS is not LPMP’s fault. But it’s my first order, and it makes the whole shopping experience very unpleasant.
  10. Same shit happens to me right now. It looks that my package is staying in the PORTLAND, OR 97215 forever. I made my first order on April 2nd, and I live in DC Maryland area, I haven’t got it yet. It’s not LPMP’s fault though this makes the first shopping experience very unpleasant.
  11. Thank you! I was so excited today that my package was supposed to arrive by the end of today. However, it has been delivered yet. In the USPS system, it seems lost the tracking since April 12. Cross my figures and pray USPS does not lose my package
  12. Looking for ward to the DIHL when I try my Phero hopeful I can recognize it
  13. Lol that’s a beautiful song. @eastwood22 I learned a lot from you @SugarKitten @quietguy @Beccah Thank you for the warm welcomings
  14. @Eastwood22I order LFN unscented too. Wow it’s good to know BAM draws people in. I am thinking of trying LFN, and cover it with Crema Delizia enhanced w/ BAM!
  15. My gut tells me this scent is what i need in the coming fall season. Spray myself with this plus a touch of Cop, and go to Starbucks for people watching.
  16. The design of the label is so adorable. I have no resistance to the cat.
  17. Thank you for your excellent advice. Trading is fun. I want to grab SS4W if I have the change.
  18. yes yes BBM, lick of cream, pussycat are on my next month's shopping list
  19. Thank you Bella! Good advice. Thank you for sharing with me!
  20. OMG, the mermaids of Atlantis contains gardenia!!! My top 1 fav! I must try it! you know me better than myself!
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