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    Bower of Bliss

    I‘m not good at identifying single flowery components. For me this is a floral scent that I absolutely love. I smell it like Luna: this is the most flowery scent from the collection.
  2. In a way this is a little bit ‚strange‘ for me. My first sniff was almost „ugh, I don‘t like this“. The more I kept sniffing the more „I like this in some way“ it became. I don‘t smell strawberry. For my nose the alcohol/champagne dominates. Intoxicating is a good word to describe this scent. I guess this is Mick Jagger singing ‚Champagne and Reefer‘ in a bottle.
  3. I do the exact same thing. Should be fine. I've never tried this so far.
  4. I'm voting for: do that! Try for yourself and find out if you still like it. I turned most of my trials into sprays. Including the Savage Beast trial. There is still a scent, absolutely. But I don't know how you will like/smell it. From the full bottles I usually take 3 or 4ml and dilute that in 6/8ml pure alcohol. So there is still enough oil left and enough in the spray bottle to test that. My "selfmade sprays" don't last as long as oils do. I'm not sure if the scents are getting 'weaker', because I still have to be careful not to spray too much on (scentwise).
  5. Not sure if there is something wrong with my nose 🙊 I tend to turn my oil-trials into sprays. So when I spray this on my first thought is: APPLE! Just to be surprised that there is no apple included. The "apple" vanishes for my nose after a short time of settling. Then I'm smelling the rose and a hint of peppermint. And of course: the outstanding self effects that Levitation seems to give me. Lucky me, I can get the butterfly-feeling and a great mood from it.
  6. I love this, so I ordered a full bottle (oil). One of my amusements is mixing things together. Normally I would take a few ml of this perfume oil and mix it with some unscented Pherotine oil. But there already is Hedione... That's why I would like to ask: does Hedione "interfere" with other pheros?
  7. Thank you for your evaluation, luna! My Pherotine Trial has arrived and my plan is to pre-mix a sip into a perfume oil. Because I'm sticking to those oil recommendations so far.
  8. Is this one of the blends that are recommended to use in an oil base?
  9. I ordered trial sets of the new women & unisex collection. 8 Phero trials had to jump into my basket and a bottle of LP Samhain followed them.
  10. How could I complain about a few days? I'm more than happy that international shipping is possible at all. Thank you for working your a** off in order to spoil us, Mara (and the whole team)!
  11. One (maybe stupid?) question from abroad: When you resume your business and the current restrictions are abolished... will international shipping be possible? In my case: to Germany Or are there any restrictions that prohibit international shipping? I'm really looking forward to this collection and I already deceided that some of the sweets have to become mine 🤩
  12. My first order (years ago...) contained a sample of this. But I missed something because I fell in love with this scent when it was already sold out. So now my question to the experienced noses: is there something like a dupe for Caressful Breeze? (Just scent-wise) I read about the resemblance to NOX above and I had a sample of this come to my house with my last order. Comparisons will happen. But a lot of new things appeard in the meantime. Maybe there is something else that is similar what I could try?
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