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  1. Last night before I went to bed I put a dab of Adam's Nectar on the back of my hand. This morning I woke up smelling like a spiced caramel apple. Adam's Nectar reminds me of my childhood.
  2. I just got a sample of Adams Nectar and it smells awesome.
  3. I love the notes that are in Poseidon. I can't wait to get my nose on this one. Thanks for your help Snoop.
  4. I think I may just purchase a sample of Unisexy. Thanks for the suggestion Snoop. I got a sample of Excalibur and on my skin it smelled like dirt and maple syrup. It was a weird combination for my skin chemistry. Luna65 is Voracious a fragrance that I could pull off during the hot summer months. I'm looking for something fresh and clean that I could wear on my trip to Thailand. I'm really new when it comes to wearing fragrance oils. I have over 300 bottles of cologne all broken up into different seasons. I always worry about wearing a scent out of season.
  5. I wish I would have bought badboy when I had the chance.
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