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  1. You may be onto something- I am not good at moderation, I am a more is more person lol!
  2. I have it n compromising positions, I have tried anywhere from 1 to 4 rolls. My other half is a "love maker" so I was trying to get him on my level of nasty and so far I'm at a loss LOL
  3. I wish this worked for me, tried it many times and nothing
  4. Thank you everyone, I never push for it because well I have my pride. His self esteem has taken a nose dive so I think that is part of it. It is just hard for me as a direct person- he communicates in riddles I swear lol
  5. Also, we have great nonsexual encounters, it's just when he decides it's time, he takes my pants off and does his thing and that's it. I've never been with a man that is so hell bent on being the tough guy
  6. Thanks ladies, The thing is, he hasn't been having erection problems since that brief period. It's just the whole dynamic of sex has changed since then. And if I send a text or make a comment that is suggestive, he just casually changes the subject. I have wondered about testosterone too, but he won't even go to the Dr. for a general checkup so I am thinking this relationship is doomed 😕
  7. Hi everyone, I normally just read rather than post, but you all seem so helpful and I am in a love crisis! I am not sure if a phero will even assist me but here is the situation: I am a 34 year old woman, in a relationship for the last 7 months with a 46 year old man. The first half of our relationship, the communication was great- he encouraged me to be more open etc. And the sex was PHENOMENAL- lasting hours and just intense (scorpio thing maybe?) Even when it was a quickie it was never vanilla or lacking passion. I would have never thought him to be even close to his age either , given his stamina and physique. So fast forward to month 4-he has an "equipment failure" here and there, who cares right? That stuff happens, but since then his drive has gone way down, foreplay has all but vanished, he keeps my shirt on and now his shirt too, and its just 5-10 minute no frills banging. I should also mention that we used to enjoy a little bit of nasty text messaging quite often too, now if I bring up sex at all he shuts down. I am tearing up writing this, I don't know what to do and he is horrible at talking when it comes to anything serious. I feel like something is wrong with me. At first I thought he was cheating but he is more affectionate than ever and wants to spend every waking moment with me.
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