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  1. I've just slathered this on before work and wanted to share my perspective on the scent. In the bottle: Smells like a yummy blue raspberry lollipop. Wet on skin: The berries are tart with a sweetness that comes in that makes it smell a bit creamy, like vanilla. After drydown: The berries are still prominent but it smooths out to be both sweet and tart. A perfect combo that becomes dessert-like. I imagine a fruit tart or berry pie dessert. I really think the Levitation pheromone perfectly fits the brightness and sweetness of this scent. Very upl
  2. Oh heavens! How can I live on after discovering this scent! I had to buy a FB. It smells HEAVENLY with such a sweet rose. After dry down, it sweetens but it is mainly a beautiful fresh rose that lasts for hours. The levitation pheromone makes this mixture even better! It uplifts my mood as well as those that are around me. I've had great hits and many good selfies. Alas, I've discovered that all that are left are the trials and I've contemplated hoarding all of them *wicked smile.* But sharing is caring, and I'd say give this one a try before it's gone! I'm hoping it returns somed
  3. I have a trial of this and I absolutely want to get a FB when I can. It smells incense-like to me with some smokey and sweet notes. It does give off a earthy woman vibe to me and the scents morph the longer its worn. I do smell the faint sweetness of marshmallows but its faint and only noticeable if I inhale deeply (which I can't help but do every few minutes). I love how sometimes it has the smokiness come out. Definately a smoky floral as others have described. The pheromones give me a mood lift but I've only worn this twice. The first time people wanted to chat more
  4. I just wanted to share my personal experience using this pheromone in L'Ete du Fleurs and I hope I'm putting my response in the right place! I'm new on the forums so I apologize for my ignorance. I had a college presentation yesterday and wanted something to make me standout so I chose this perfume with the popularity pheromone using only 3 sprays (chest, torso, and a final spray I walked through). I was so afraid of ODing and phero-bombing others! Selfies: it lifted my mood! It gave me such a calm confidence, but also made me feel like a woman. I don't think I've had
  5. I'm kinda a newbie and bought a few sample vials to test out. This was a special free goodie I received (thank you PM) and I had to place an order for more! It is unisex and I love how it turns sweet with my body chemistry (I think from the lavender/peppermint?). On my bf it turned masculine and had a more prominent earthy scent (I believe the oakmoss shown through on him). I wish this wasn't just a limited edition because I think it will become my favorite scent! It has so many lovely notes that shine throughout wear and calms me into sweet relaxation. It starts off p
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