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  1. Wow, we are being so spoiled. This is wonderful. 😺
  2. I'm late! Those labels are GAWGEOUS! Can't wait to get my hands on some of these potions! These are the only fragrances I buy now.
  3. @Potion Master That's awesome! My credit card is ready. *rubs hands together*
  4. I agree with this. Specifically, something grapefruit scented would be wonderful. Thank you so much for wanting our feedback!
  5. Welcome back! So glad your health is better. And this is a great thread. I'll be taking notes.
  6. Very Valentines-y label! So curious about this.
  7. Aaaah, oh my gosh! This is so exciting! Looking forward to March! Can't wait to see pics of the store.
  8. Aw, I wish it made me feel gorgeous. Yikes on the crankiness! I wonder what causes that...
  9. Yeah, I've read that it can be pretty serious stuff. You must be quite sensitive to it. Well, at least you know to always combine it with something!
  10. @SugarKitten, sounds like some good hits! Made you popular with people. I'm sure that older man would have talked to you if he'd had the chance. I wore the vanilla and honey version of this today to work. First of all, the smell is everything I've ever wanted. So, so, so good. This is my favorite scent so far. I want to bathe in this. I want to saturate my skin in it. I want this scent in a bath bomb, in a body scrub, in a body oil, in a body butter, in a hair perfume, in a hair oil, in a deep conditioner, in a heat protectant... you get the picture. Thank you so much, @Potion Master, for making something that smells so absolutely divine. I can't believe how good it smells. This was a hit with men. I got looked at more than usual. A cute coworker gave me a lingering look. One man stared at me and even turned to keep looking at me after I'd walked past. I caught a guy looking away quickly when I glanced his way. I never get this kind of attention. So excited to wear this out more!
  11. I have to sing the praises of this again! I wore it all throughout holiday festivities with my family. The effect on my big brother in particular was great! He's always loving and protective toward me, but he's also a little hard-nosed and is very much into tough love. He was extra sweet toward me all throughout the holidays, though! He even gave me an unsolicited hug at one point, which doesn't happen! It was great. My niece loved this on me. She said "I like how you smell! You smell like flowers."
  12. Angelic

    Caramel Musk

    @Eastwood22 Oo, be careful! 😺 Thanks for sharing! I might be tempted to get that one just for the yummy scent.
  13. Angelic

    Caramel Musk

    I have a sample of this and I agree about how airy and lovely this is. Not cloying at all. I'm picky about sweet, dessert-y scents, and this one nails it right on the head. I can't wait to wear it out.
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