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  1. I’m getting responses lately that are making me think there’s a touch of status in the mix.
  2. Cougar definitely has a little status. Every time I wear it someone comments how “mysterious” I am.
  3. Oh my. Good luck with your attempts to fix it! I will email. Thank you!
  4. The artwork is so nice! Btw I just tried to checkout on the main site (all trial vials) and I was told some items in my cart couldn’t be shipped to my location (Texas). I’d love any help! @Potion Master @halo0073
  5. I couldn’t wait LOL. I did 1 ml each of Treasured Hearts phero, Delectable perfume oil, and perfumer’s alcohol. Seems to be spraying well although one spritz definitely came out “oily,” I don’t feel any residue on my skin. Never tried TH before so it should be fun to notice any selfies as I go about the rest of my day.
  6. I purchased a handful of goodies in this year’s pherotine that I would love to covert into sprays! Would these ratios be correct? Unscented, 1000 mcg: 1/3 phero, 2/3 perfumer’s alcohol Scented, 333 mcgs: 1/3 phero, 1/3 perfume (from a trial vial), 1/3 perfumers alcohol I plan to use 5 ml travel perfume bottles so I’m thinking 1 ml of each component will be perfect. I’m so excited to start combining the different pheros and scents!
  7. I’m back lol. I’m learning that Bad Girl is verrrry tenacious. I can still smell her on my application points even after a shower so reapplying was likely too much for me. As far as the phero goes, it makes me feel so powerful and sexy. I feel like I can take on the world with a smirk on my face and swish in my hips. I love it for when I am feeling down and need a little kick to remind me that I am indeed THAT bitch. I do not consider myself a dominant person at all so the feminizing aspect makes it feel much more natural and less intimidating to wear.
  8. I guess Mara found an extra bottle a little while ago because when one popped up on the Luv site I immediately grabbed it! I loveeeee the sexy, powdery, leather fragrance! I find honey too rich of a scent for me personally but this is just so boozy and mouth-watering and sophisticated with just enough darkness to be daring. It’s my go-to gym phero. Not much to report on hits because I wear it primarily to get myself in the zone but heads definitely snap at attention. I have yet to find my sweet spot for every day wear. I do find it gives me a good zing of energy but I hav
  9. CP has been a huge sleeper hit for me considering I do not gravitate to anything grapefruit-scented but the grapefruit is bright and fresh and the musky dry down is so sexy. Paired with BBM I always get compliments on how I smell “soooo good” and the selfies and hits are always great. I feel confident and sexy, like a purr or engine revving, and just upbeat enough with a ton of sparkle. Both men and women respond nicely to the phero as well. The men are super engaged and eager to interact with me. I’ve noticed women are a little less eager but they will watch me with a friendly, warm
  10. How are you all wearing yours? I got a trial vial and while I’d want a spray for diffusion of the drool-worthy scent but I know oil is recommended for the more sexual pheros. Is this something akin to Cougar/Lumina where I wouldn’t mind the social aspects getting out there or would I want to wear this with a more intimate signature (oil)?
  11. Liebchen with Treasured Hearts! I’d be interested in PFYT too since I see it mentioned so often.
  12. I selected this blend in oil based on how good a scented trial of this made me feel but I would like to experiment with spray at well. If I wanted to take a portion of the bottle and turn it into a spray, would it be 1/3 phero to 2/3 perfumer’s alcohol? If I wanted to create a fragranced spray how would those ratios change? Very grateful for any suggestions!
  13. I’ve slowly been working my way up to see how many sprays I need for selfies. Two sprays gets eyes following me. Four sprays earns me very vocal admiration. I haven’t used anything at more than four sprays before so the testing phase has been/is very fun.
  14. Does anyone else find themselves absolutely captivating when wearing Lace? Two sprays of the 60/40 blend and any reflective surface I passed I availed myself of it. I could not stop gazing at myself all day, I felt I looked so unnaturally beautiful. I had self-effects galore that by the end of the day I was ready to wash it off. I started to feel a little too silly but this is a very fun, bubbly, girly blend.
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