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  1. This works pretty well for me. I have a problem where I seem to produce a lot of copulins all on my own just regularly and I've had issues covering the scent. Well, I think I'm going to explore the OCCO scents in virgin or Noco because this covers me and the cops in the perfume equally well. 

    The raspberry is a little sickly sweet at first but it calms down to nice sweet pumpkin. The spices didn't survive but it was still pretty nice. Not really foody on me, a little candy like but not sickly sweet. 

    It's pretty nice though pumpkin pie is not at all what I get. 

  2. This kinda smells like a raw furniture store to me, by that I mean, bare wood and wide open space which I like. When it was wet I got a little floral but it dried down to a mild blond wood so I guess teak is the dominant on me. Wood scents like me but I'm surprised I didn't get distinct hibiscus and I can't be certain about guava berry, either, just a tiny bit of sweetness. Maybe that'll change with time but I like it as is too. It's really mild. 

  3. I was expecting the cherry blossom to be fairly strong and too much for me but instead it starts as a nice and light with a bit of tea and then blooms when dry to a really delicate soft, sweet floral. It hangs pretty close to the skin but also sticks around based on my first try with it though I'll have to see how it goes on after some time.

  4. Thank you. I will trade it and a few other things once I have some credibility on the forum. 

    I'm still figuring out what works. Many things seem to vaporize on me but your scents seem to mostly stick around really well and I'm learning about what notes work. 

    Thanks again. 

  5. I wish I liked this. It goes straight to my sinuses and stabs them then dies down to nothing. I know citrus (usually orange) can be a real problem for me but now I'm wondering about Ylang Ylang which I've never really encountered before. 

  6. So, the Balm Bomb is great and I like the scent overall. I get the oak moss and the sandalwood and the vanilla but I need to be careful with it. It might be the oud (not sure which bit is the oud) or sometimes herbal scents or woody scents are a problem (oak moss, sandalwood) so I can sneeze a bit if I take in too much. Definitely a scent for the wrists or maybe even back of knees, at least on me. Head is a bad idea.


  7. 5 minutes ago, Eastwood22 said:

    You're lucky to know that! There are only a few notes that I know for sure don't work on me. And sometimes when I think I've narrowed it down, there will be a note in a perfume that I thought I couldn't stand, skin or scent wise, and then it ends up working on me. I do stay away from most white florals, but that's just a preference.


    And these will keep you busy for a while!

    Yeah, notes work sometimes and not others. It's an educated guess at best. 

  8. On 8/13/2020 at 6:48 PM, Eastwood22 said:

    Welcome @kittylittle! Nice to meet you! And yes, lace is pretty intoxicating! I only wear it if I’m going out dancing, so clearly not running out anytime soon! You’ll most likely get more use out of the Hush right now. Did you buy the trial vials for the new releases? They’re going to go pretty fast since Mara made much less than she normally does due to the current limited ability of ingredients. I’d suggest you check out the 2020 Spells Collection trial vials, it’s a great way to try a bunch of LP perfumes and pheros without breaking the bank.

    I got the Vault 2019 Collection. I'm thinking of getting a few in the spells collection but not all. I'm being careful with my purchases. Due to my skin chemistry, I'm careful of a lot of notes like patchouli, strong florals, berries, anything that can go bitter or artificial will, etc. 


  9. Nice to meet you @androstenol I was wondering what was doing what. 

    So far I think I've figured that  Estratetraenol might be giving me the munchies though I'm not certain yet. 

  10. This one really calms me down, which is the point I guess. It's also extremely familiar smelling. That may be partially the comfort level but I also feel like it smells like things I usually like though I can't put my finger on exactly what or even which note is doing it since I don't have a nose for things like this yet.

    The best I can figure it may be oak moss? My cousin also finds it familiar and he generally doesn't like scented things.

    I think this is a favorite and something that I'll have to get more of, certainly partially because of the Phero but also, the scent is definitely a winner.

    There's also a weird side effect where my teeth feel funny. Maybe it's my sinuses reacting It's not bad, just unusual.


  11. I don't know how to feel about this one. 


    I'm new to pheromones so I decided to experiment and put it on my wrists and on my trunk. I did see cops might not be good on the wrists but I also wasn't sure that there was enough in this for it to matter. 

    Well, no cops smell but the patchouli went crazy on my wrists and then died down into a mild patchouli musk. The sweetness seems to come out after a bit but there's only a tiny bit. 

    The scent on my trunk stayed nice and soft and fairly sweet, mostly apricot and very quiet patchouli. No cinnamon, maybe a little bit of honey and I think the vanilla is tying things together in the background. I think I get the amber but in my nose it tends to blend with patchouli and honey. 


    I like it on my trunk. On my wrists it might be nice under certain situations. 


    After thirty minutes I burned most of the scent off and it's like I used a new soap which is a positive for me since it shouldn't be too strong for anyone. 

  12. I like the Mega Watt  which woke me up immediately once I put it on after a nap but the scent is just a little itchy in the nose for me. (Sometimes I react to citrus that way.) Fortunately, it's pretty nice once it has a little time to wear and since I wore it fresh in a confined space (a car) I think it might work pretty well under other circumstances. 


    I can't say much about notes because they tend to blend together for me but both the scent and the Mega Watt were invigorating. 

  13. Thanks for the welcome, quietguy. I think I'm the same. I wasn't interested in the scents and then I tried them and I didn't know about the forum and then I read everything. I work quickly. 

    Though...Lace is pretty intoxicating. I think I'm equally here for all of the things. 

  14. Hi all, 


    I'm new to pheromones but I tend to get interested in topics pretty quickly so I've already bought a bunch of stuff. 

    The first order that came I accidentally dosed myself with the little bit that got on my fingers opening the vials. Love Potion Red with Lace, Hush with Balm Bomb and Manda Panda with Megawatt. I think I'm pretty sensitive because a tiny bit on a finger got me feeling a bit tipsy (definitely in a good way.)

    Anyway, cheers! Happy to be here and reading everybody's experiences. I'm looking forward to some more self effects. 

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