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  1. Update: I just received Noco Blue and Sugared Honey Vanilla. Blue: honestly this is really well blended and really comforting. I really like the tobacco in this and I feel like it could be a year round scent because the dry down is not heavy at all. And I feel like this could be layered with resiny scents. Oakmoss is a very specific note so I wouldn't pair this with a fruit but possibly foody. Sug. Honey Van.: This one I really like as I have a few honey scents and I could see this being layered under almost anything foody, resiny, Anything. It's very honey forward but not smu
  2. I'm experimenting with this one again. I layered it over Noco White. I also like it layered with Sugared Vetiver, and Sugared Apricot. I'm also thinking any of the foody sugareds would layer well with this such as warm milk and sugar, chocolate, sugared pumpkin because it has that coffee note it could smell like a cafè baked good. Lol
  3. I just layered Noco white with this and brown sugared pecan on top ..it smells fantastic. I figured this one sounds like a good one to ring in the New Year.
  4. I agree with @Eastwood22 about always get a back up bottle of these because I did not but I still cherish this one! I ended up wearing this one for most of the summer. It's just such a great combination if notes and when the base comes through it's heaven. I've gotten compliments on this one too.
  5. I'm wearing this today layered with Noco white and it's good for the cooler weather. I wore it in the summer and I felt it was a little too much. However, I could see it being layered with sugared Coconut. It's also good layered with Noco brown sugar cinnamon, brown sugared pecans and probably sugared bananas too.
  6. Even when having to wear masks this stuff still works. People are still super friendly and accommodating. Getting my tire fixed "you can wait wherever you'd like in your car, in the garage or in the waiting room." 😂
  7. I just pulled these out to experiment with again NOCO Spicy brown sugar smells awesome! I've tried layering it with sugared apples, and LP 2016 and LP Red it smells amazing! NOCO white is great too. I tried it layered under LP O.
  8. I finally tried this one and I love it so much! It has an effect on people similar to LP Pink and it's very comforting and relaxing. It's not super cloying and i love the white musk dry down. It's so good!
  9. This was my first purchase and every time I wear this one, people are always really nice to me. It never fails. Someone once told me I smelled like their mom. Lol This one and LP Pink get me the most attention. I forgot to add that this layers well with sugared apricots and sugared roses!
  10. Vika

    Chakra Oils: Root

    This smells amazing!!! I am not a heavy patchouli fan and this is delicious! Also, it packs a hell of a punch energy wise.
  11. I bought this because of @Eggers reviews on this and she's right! This is perfect for the cooler months right now! It smells delicious and gives me a DIHL reaction every time I smell it. Lol It's sweet vanilla sandalwood as it dries down. I let it sit for a couple months and it has mellowed out beautifully. Very cozy.
  12. Vika


    I've been wanting to try this for so long! I got pherogirl first and I love that one, but I overdid it once and had some aggressive responses. UNE is so beautiful! I love scents that smell like beeswax and honey because they remind me of making beeswax candles as a kid. I can smell each individual note in this, the orange blossom, the amber, the honey and bee pollen. So gorgeous!
  13. This smells exactly like a candied apple! It's nice and light not super heavy at all. There is no punch in the face from the raspberry. It's just a sweet sugared apple and it's super well blended. I've never tried Colombia because the notes scared me but this is a great scent. I'm going to let it rest and see how it develops after a couple days.
  14. This smells amazing! I was really hesitant on this one because I was scared of it being so florally but that's not the case! I smell the amber and apricot which smells like the actual fruit as opposed to being jammy or sugary sweet. I smell the jasmine and white tea and they meld together beautifully. Nothing sharp about this. Very comforting.
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