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  1. I must say, I was surprised by this one. This is the first LPMP I'm posting a review for, and it hasn't even settled from the post yet, but I loved my first impression so much that I have to say something about it. I mostly bought a trial to test out the Sexology phero, and because it sounded like a scent one of my partners would enjoy. In the past, chocolate gourmands from other companies have gone a little off on my skin - stale and woody and dusty smelling, and if they were a dark chocolate note often a little medicinal too. But I think I've just worked out why LPMP's gourmands have the reputation I've heard about in the indie perfume community. In the vial, this smells deceptively flat and admittedly, a little artificial. Cream, sugary honey, vanilla extract and a chocolate/cocoa note. I can't decide whether the chocolate smells realistic, or like fake chocolate flavouring. Maybe a little amber hanging around. The whole scent smells yummy, sure, but I left me expecting to smell like a particularly pleasant candle. On my skin, however, it blooms. Immediately. Several years ago, my ex's parents bought me back a box of Pierre Hermé chocolate bon bons from a trip to Paris. They were caramel filled, but the caramel had obviously been brought to the point of almost burning, and was about as deep, dark and bitter as the chocolate was. I can remember opening the box and being struck by the scent, its fullness, and its complexity. On my skin, this perfume brings back that scent memory. The amber immediately comes out, and the chocolate transforms into something that smells high-quality and rich. The cream is surprisingly strong, and combines beautifully with the honey and vanilla into a smooth, caramel-like middle note. The vanilla becomes much more bean-like, and gets a floral dimension. There is something syrupy about the mixture, but in a deep and surprisingly sophisticated way. Part expensive liqueur, part "imagine resin but candy". I ended up rambling to my partner after I tried it, about how different it is to most gourmands I've tried. It doesn't lean in the direction of tempering or grounding the gourmand notes with more traditional ones to the point that it ends up as a perfume that smells "inspired by" a gourmand scent, but it also doesn't lean into the idea of food in a way that I'm self-conscious of smelling immature or like the aforementioned candle. It's distinctly edible and realistic, but distinctly wearable and sophisticated too. "Fuckable gourmand" absolutely. It's the sort of scent that I might wear if I were going out to a special-but-not-formal evening occasion (if not for the phero component), not just hanging around the house for a cosy afternoon. As for the phero component, I spent time with a partner soon after I tried it on, and his nose was blocked. I got selfies though. I could barely smell the phero signature, but I got a little lightheaded and very relaxed. My mood was definitely improved, and bonding seemed to be in play. Ensuing not-quite-sex was warm and cosy and thoroughly chilled out. I smiled a lot. Given the day I'd had, I'm gonna say that was the pheros doing their thing. Sorry for the rambling, but I struggle to do anything less
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