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  1. From a distance I definitely get pumpkin donuts! I had forgotten the scents in this and when I first sprayed it my first thought was "ooh, evergreen" someone said the lavender was camphor-y so that makes more sense as to what I was smelling. Is this one of those cop scents that shouldn't be worn on the neck or wrist areas? Should I apply it lower or can I spray my neck behind my hair?
  2. Are we requesting these here? I tried checking out but it said some things would not ship to my area? I would love one dark halloween w/ the raven one cats and moons and one tarot cards. All adult sizes please! Thank you!
  3. The one you're wearing! I just realized 🤭
  4. What's the pattern name for the black bird with poison and wicked?
  5. I would love love love a rebrew of Sweet Surrender and Fideau! These two are my most favorite!
  6. Oh my gosh, Fideau is one of my all time most most favorites! I have two bottles, both sadly empty, but I still open them and smell them all the time! I just got a job at a shelter, also just got Savage Beast, and the employees that have been there longer than me have all mentioned how the cats seem much more calmer when I am around. They are calling me the "cat supernanny" of the shelter! I'm more of a dog person, but I do love cats too. I used Fideau for the scent, also before I worked with the animals, so I don't have any experience in how the doggos would have responded differently to me.
  7. Amanda

    Petticoat Lane

    I never tried spider silk or gossamer but always wanted to. This is my favorite from my last order. I've always pictured a woman who just wakes up beautiful, perfect soft curls, smells amazing just all on her own...this is that scent for me, it's lovely.
  8. Amanda

    Tunnel of Love

    I was hoping to get more coconut from this but I get mostly honey...which is fine, I love honey! The coconut might be the reason the honey didn't go "baby powder vibe" on me though, it's very nice!
  9. I am dangerously in love with Fideau! One question though...can I wear it on my neck? I wasn't sure because it has cops and I don't want to come off smelling like a "face full of sex" I am generally more comfortable around dogs than people anyway, so I can't really say if the puppies like me more when I wear this, I just know there is something about the scent that makes me feel really comfortable about myself when I wear it, and that is just not a feeling I have too often, I'm socially awkward what can I say!? Fideau makes me feel very socially laid back and I really dig it!
  10. "the sense that you've got a face-full of sex, which I fear could be the result of having cops just under your face." Hmm, that's a good point, I've never thought of it that way! I will definitely try again in a different location and see if that helps. Thank you! :-) Dolly, I'm afraid I agree with you...NOW! I originally thought "ooh, more must be better", plus I tend to like sprays a little better, but with cops I now know that is not the case. Also I'm wearing it out at the bar with friends so maybe I'm just using it in the wrong situation and expecting too much magic to happen. Thank you for the help ladies! :-*
  11. I have noticed that when I wear cops (I have OCCO gold with I believe 3x cops), I get completely ignored, like I'm invisible! Could it be that I'm wearing too much? The gold is a pretty strong scent so I usually just do one spray to the front of my neck/cleavage area. Also the OCCO SLF has been a big ol' invisibility potion for me too.
  12. I just got back from a fabulous ghost hunting weekend here at The Stanley Hotel, love it there...so much interesting activity...and I am totally kicking myself for not bringing along my smaple of this! I'm strongly considering a full bottle just to wear for future investigations. I'll be the ghost musk lady that all the spirits love to be around!
  13. I should have reviewed this sooner because I really do love it! I wanted musky pink flowers and Mara did such a great job with the flowers I chose (they're my favorites) and the sweet musk is so long lasting...I absolutely adore this ♥ I'd like to think that if my personality had a scent, this would be it!
  14. I bought 3 bottles of this, unsniffed! The musks sounded so lovely that I knew I would love it, which I do! My sortaguy loves it too, I haven't told him about the pheros!
  15. Amanda


    I'm so terrible at describing things so I just wait for fabulous Luna to do it and then I jump in and say "yeah, that"! All I can say is I absolutely LOVE this! I am president of the lotus fanclub though so I'm a little biased! I can't tell you how much I love lotus in a blend and once I saw the description I ordered two big bottles of this...now that I have it I am wishing I snagged some more! New fave hands down
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