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    Soul Cakes

    I want to second this - Savage Beast is wonderful, albeit subtle, speaking as someone who absolutely adores Soul Cakes.
  2. As a follow-up, it absolutely exceeded my expectations! Interesting to contemplate the differences between this and the original, as I never had the chance to try it. But this is absolutely perfect baked goods and nuts and spice. Wonderful scent!
  3. Yeah... I can already tell that if there’s a new oat, baking spice scent or anything at all that evokes Flying Potion, I’m in (as well as any or all future iterations of Flying Potion itself - still my favorite even though Soul Cakes is close). ooh, 72 bottle case! I bought a 30 bottle case and between the items from here and some phero blends from one other vendor... well, let’s just say that I now have two 30-bottle cases.
  4. I have been on a somewhat embarrassing buying spree; I fell so in love with the trial of Soul Cakes that I went through the sites and found pretty much anything with similar notes and bought full bottles. I skipped a trial of Buns of Cinn initially, not sure the phero blend was for me, but I caved and bought a bottle even though the virgin ones were sold out - and I’m so glad I did! It is the most delicious thing ever. Also got Kahve, a few previous releases like Black Aggie, and to mix it up a bit, Goddess of the Blue Moon and virgin Cuddle Bunny. The question is... how will I justify my next purchases when new releases come out, given my current stash?
  5. WLWphero


    Just ordered a FB of this one (Etsy site, I think?) along with a few gems I got as trial vials recently. It hits that baking spice, sweet foody note that I live in Soul Cakes but also has a little of the fruity berry notes for some tanginess. Seems my perfume collection is pointing toward autumn scents all year round!
  6. Wearing this one today and definitely get the tangy, fruity vibe. It’s exactly what I was hoping for, light and has enough balance between sweet and tangy that it is refreshing. Perfect scent for the phero blend which is also new to me but feels calming and motivating at the same time.
  7. WLWphero


    Wearing this one today and it’s quite nice! I bought it for the marshmallow and I’m not sure I detect it specifically. On me it seems to be like the freshly washed laundry notes of Cuddle Bunny, but a bit more floral. A definite change from the autumnal scents I usually go for, but a nice springtime type of scent for me.
  8. I bought a FB of this - I haven’t sampled it and I wasn’t sure I wanted the phero blend, but the virgin bottles seem to be sold out. But I’m so in love with the baked-goods products that I have a hard time imagining I won’t love this one. So excited to try it!
  9. Wow... every scent that I have tried from the fall 2020 release has become an instant FB purchase. I am not discerning enough to pick out the individual notes well, but the warm baking spices are just absolutely lovely! Spring may be coming, but these autumnal scents are just too good to resist.
  10. WLWphero

    Soul Cakes

    Apologies for resurrecting threads, but I am trying out several of the scents for the first time, and this is seriously the most delicious thing I have ever smelled! I mean, give me chocolate chip cookies instead of oatmeal raisin for eating, sure - but the scent of warm, yummy, comforting oatmeal and spices and just that little bit of underlying sweetness. Makes me want a FB of this and everything that smells like it!
  11. Wearing this one today, and while I have a lot more trial scents to test, I think this will be a FB purchase for me! It seems like the marshmallow root is a good scent for me. I have much to learn about the notes and descriptions, but it has a sweetness along with a brightness that is almost citrusy... maybe that’s from the tonka? I actually put on a little Savage Beast as well as this scent, figuring they would complement each other, given that the phero blend is in this scent. The added warm spices from the separate dose of Savage Beast seems to me like it balances the brightness really well. Hard to tell yet if my cats are affected... only one of them has been snuggle-seeking so far this morning, and that’s kind of her baseline. With or without the added benefit of extra feline love, though, this scent is a really nice one!
  12. I purchased a virgin bottle of Cuddle Bunny 2009 and tried it for the first time today. I’m a big fan! Very light, clean scent - I agree with the early posts about it being reminiscent of freshly washed sheets. I’m not sure it has gotten me any closer to figuring out which scents are most “me,” since I have found something I like in almost every scent I’ve tried so far. But the lighter scents, whether aquatic or sweet or floral or fruity, seem to be the ones I enjoy immediately. Richer and more complex scents sometimes take a couple of tries. Anyway... this one is a keeper for sure, and I am glad to have a full bottle.
  13. Ask and ye shall receive - both of my orders arrived today! Much as a part of me is tempted to revisit Flying Potion every day, I could try a new scent daily and be busy for quite some time! Thanks to the LPMP team for the lovely masks and well as the beautifully, securely packaged potions.
  14. That is exactly what I’m hoping for! I have two kitties that already like to snuggle, but I am very curious about any changes. I am very slowly figuring out what I like. I find that I really can’t tell just by sniffing; I need to wear them a few times before I know what I think. I’m so unused to wearing any perfume at all, they all tend to seem overpowering at first. I’m sort of liking 1942 after feeling like maybe it was a little too floral at first - which was the same reaction I had to Bosom Bows. Next experiment - baking spices! I’m hoping my two orders arrive this week; both are still saying “order confirmed” but no tracking information. But I have plenty of goodies from the other LP sites to keep me busy!
  15. I ordered some from the Etsy site and the Luv site, and received all of those today. Should be getting one of my two orders from Pherotine this week, and I'm not sure about the status of the second order. In the meantime, I have plenty of fun things to explore! I admit, though, one of the things I'm most curious about is how my cats will respond to Savage Beast.
  16. Resurrecting this thread as my experience with Bosom Bows evolves. It’s such an interesting scent - I read the notes when I ordered it but didn’t remember the details when I tried it and my first thought was that it was very heavy on baby powder, floral, and almost overpowering for me (one swipe of the roller from cleavage to navel, small swipe on each forearm). I put it away for a week or so then tried it again and I am liking it more and more. I feel like as the day goes on, it mellows quite a bit. I have tried other pheros with less-complex but also pleasant cover scents... and the more I wear Bosom Bows or Flying Potion, the more I appreciate the work and the magic that go into these products.
  17. Thanks for the update - hope everyone is safe and staying warm!
  18. Placed my original order so quickly that I missed out on the Pherotine trials, so I just placed an order for a few of those and a couple more trial vials. Even with a second order, it was hard to narrow things down!
  19. I ended up with a pretty large order, though mostly trials since I am still working on figuring out what works best for me (scent as well as phero blend). Got trials of the new Sogni Incantati, Phero-Charged Money Potion, Goddess of the Blue Moon, Beach Baby, and Kahve. Also several of the previous releases - Crystal Currents, Vampire Bait, Bella Pesca, Soul Cakes, among others. A few FB like Betrothal Potion and Friendly Ghost. Basically, if the ingredients sounded good or the overall scent profile seemed appealing, I figured it was worth trying.
  20. I admit I don't know most of the references, but I've been itching to place an order for a couple of weeks now - I read the descriptions quickly enough to decide, at least for now. I am very much looking forward to reading at a more leisurely pace - and deciding what my next round of purchases may include!
  21. Okay, thanks! I think I will move LFM out of the cart for now, though I may want some scents that include it. PM, H&S, and Gotcha seem to be the top choices... I had been thinking about Androstadienone as a stand-alone to possibly add, but Topper or just DHEAS seem like potentially better options. I admit I am super curious about LFM, but it seems not to be what I am looking for currently. Thanks so much for the thoughts and discussion!
  22. One other question - in general, I'm not looking to overcomplicate the pheros I'm using. I've shopped a few brands and have several to choose from, but in general I would like to keep it as simple as possible. However, how much interaction/competition is there likely to be when looking at blends that are meant to have completely different effects? The main example I'm thinking of is something like Levitation combined with something like Treasured Hearts or Perfect Match or Gotcha - where one is primarily mood elevating and the other is for bonding. Ideally, I wouldn't want to confuse the issue - I absolutely love Flying Potion, and I feel like the self-effects of Levitation are nice. However, I am also planning to purchase a few unpheroed scents that sound appealing, so I will have cover options for the unscented pheros if that is really preferable. And if it is really preferable to stick with one blend... what would be likely to offer that mood lift alongside some romantic bonding? I feel like LFM is appealing... it seems to have uplifting self-effects, and a status lift might be good for rekindling interest. Other options? Better options?
  23. I have a bunch of the existing samples in my cart, and a couple of FB that seem like a good fit for me. But I am intrigued by almost all of the new ones. Will probably skip the ones with heavily sexual phero blends at this point (though maybe not, if the scent seems like a great fit) as well as anything that seems to skew heavily floral or smoky. But there were at least 6-8 that seem promising. Can’t wait to read the descriptions! I am new enough to experimenting with perfume that I struggle to find good comparisons, and while I like that scent on her and for her, it doesn’t necessarily say much about what she (or I) will like on me. Still, it’s a great starting point and I will look up the Force du Poivre to read its description. So far I feel like lighter, slightly floral and sweet scents work nicely (jasmine, vanilla, marshmallow, for example) but I am looking to keep it fairly light. Though I admit that the purposes of the ingredients steer me a little so that honey, citrus, peach, and similar things also appeal. Thanks for looking into the YSL... I am a complete novice so appreciate all guidance!
  24. Hmm... if the shopping cart has a size limit, I suspect I'm about to find out. These sound amazing!
  25. One other thing that might help guide this discussion - she went through a stage of new hairdo and new fragrance a year or two ago, and I believe that what she settled on was YSL L’Homme. Now, obviously she picked it because she likes it on herself. But on some level, those are also the kinds of scents that appeal to her. So given that I am still trying to find what I like, why not skew my testing toward things she also finds appealing? So far I skew a little more toward sweeter scents than to woodsy ones, but citrus and spice seems to be a place of common ground, if that is at all helpful.
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