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  1. Okay , so i decided to try just 3 to see if i like them before spending on a sampler set ( 🙈) or getting more the three i have ordered are : Bonbon Booty w/ Sexology ~ Pherotine 2020 Honeyed Love Potion® ~ Pheromone Enhanced w/ Gotcha! 2.0 Sexology ~ Enhanced w/ Sexology I'm not sure if these are the right ones to start with as a newbie , does anyone have any suggestions how best to use them ? do they come with instructions ?
  2. Thank you will definitely check out the trial set. Thank you will check out the trial set and the ones you mentioned.. i have a starting point now 😅
  3. Hi everyone, I just recently came across the love potion sight and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed so many choices to choose from. I am looking for something that will drive my man crazy but also something that Is easy for me to use becoz I’m just lazy like that. Also coz some of the posts scared me about it stinking if not applied or mixed properly i also want help on the application process i read on some other posts of a lollipop and swooshing ( i think that was the word )application 🤷‍♀️. so my end goal is drive him crazy , strengthen our bond , leave him thinking of me non stop and wife me up! Thanks and stay safe
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