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  1. I freaking love this scent! I can't even describe it but I'll try my best. I have this is a spray. Yes there is cinnamon but it blends with the other ingredients and doesn't stand out by itself. I also get a hint of licorice even tho it's not an ingredient. It's spicy and yet grounded by the vanilla maybe? It's very different and I love it! My one complaint is that the smell isn't as strong/ long lasting as I would like but that may have to do with it being a spray. I am eventually going to try the oil and I will give that a separate review.
  2. Wow!! In the bottle all I smell is butterscotch and it is soooo strong! I was a little let down until I applied it to my skin. It morphs into this wonderful spicy pumpkin with a butterscotch drizzle (the butterscotch is not overpowering at ALL). It's wonderful! It's so warm and is truly fall in a bottle. Plus you can't go wrong with BI! Especially in the quantity used for fragrances it is a great social pheromone and one of my favs. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is so yummy!!
  3. Thanks! That's so funny because I made my sample stretch sooo long before I ordered a full bottle. I realized I needed to buy one when I had the empty bone dry vial under my nose for 5 whole minutes 😂
  4. Yeah I never thought after I tried it that I would be able to wear it any other time than he'd time because it knocked me out so intensely. But the more I wore it to bed the less it affected me like that and the more it made me destress. I'm taking a these classes for work right now and my teachers get so laid back when I wear this! It's been hard for me being in a school like setting so this has been a lifesaver. Let us know how it works for you! ❤️
  5. May I please instead reserve the love potion Red spray and the Oleander the great with swimming with the Sharks trail. Sorry for the confusion I got too excited and missed the formula!
  6. I'm so sorry, whatever was offered as a freebie, thank you! So the spray. Also Spray in Mommy's little Monster.
  7. Also one full bottle of Mommy's little monster please.
  8. May I please reserve 1 full bottle of Love potion Red and 5 full bottles of Blue Fyre with Perfect Match. Hi Artemis! Do you mean the LP Red SPRAY offered in the sale or a regular stock bottle in oil? Thanks! ~ M
  9. I have read that the oils on your skin break down the pheromones after a day or so depending on what pheromone it is. Obviously that's not going to happen on your jacket so you are correct in your thinking. Oils would be better than spray for keeping it contained. I suggest you apply the oil directly to your skin on areas that will be covered by your clothing. Allow it to dry for at least 10 minutes and then put on your cloths. That should keep it off your jacket. I have never had a problem washing pheromones off of my clothing using a regular washer and detergent.
  10. I found that the first few times I used this affected me the most as far as knocking me out. It still helps lull me to sleep but I have to be in the mindset of falling asleep if that makes sense. I wear this to work when my anxiety acts up. It seems to help not just me but the people around me, which in turn helps me even more! It's great when you're feeling stressed, anxious, irritable, etc. Also for whatever reason my man not only loves the scent but it seems to turn him on a bit. I noticed this and decided to wear some cops with it to bed every now and then and it has yet to let me down when I want to get laid. Just remember that the first few times you will probably get VERY sleepy. I would assume that if you stopped using it for a month or more you would have to build up a tolerance to it again.
  11. She said do not order it in the site, wait until she send you an invoice 😊
  12. Not trying to annoy the elf- I just want to make sure I understand correctly. It says this sale cannot be combined with any other sale. Does that mean we don't get the over 100 dollars 10% off deal? I'm not asking because I'm being greedy, I just want to make sure I don't go over or under budget. I have a list ready to copy and paste for my invoice request 😁
  13. I'm dying to know what's in them!! I hope woodland creatures is earthy! I can't wait to try it!!!
  14. I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see the list 🥰
  15. The more I wear it the more I appreciate it. It almost has a cucumber scent to it, it's very refreshing.
  16. This made me very upbeat for a short duration. Maybe an hour? It also smelled like fireballs (sweetened spicy cinnamon) on my skin. I reached for it as a pick me up and missed it when it was gone.
  17. This is a light marshmallowy vanilla that lulls me to a deep sleep. I call it my sleepy potion and I spray it on right before bed almost every night.
  18. This is my absolute favorite phero blend. This works so well for bonding it blows my mind. The effects are so profound. Ladies you can sex it up with cops. Depending on what you're after it can lead to some pretty intense sexual experiences. My personal relationships in every faucet of my life have all been touched by this phero blend in wonderful ways. It has so many uses. Personal relationships, family, coworkers, interviews, friends, strangers on the street. It even helps with depression. All this phero has ever done is help me improve every relationship I have. I cannot express how life changing it's been for me wearing this.
  19. I had La Femme Noire added to this so I'm sure that altered the scent a bit. First application I was like holy pine! At first the pine is a bit overwhelming but it settles down quite a bit after 20 minutes or so. It remains the dominant scent but soon after cedar, a whiff of sage, and a hint of amber peak through. My phero choice was excellent for this scent because it is a very energizing blend for me. The pine smells fresh and natural and is invigorating. If you like the way pine smells and are ok with it being overwhelming for a bit I would definitely recommend this scent. It is unisex and not overly masculine but would smell fantastic on a man. I dimmed it down on first application with a more mellow scent but by the next day I had realized the beauty of the scent on its own.
  20. I had Sexpionage added to this so that altered the scent some I'm sure. I love this scent. It's sagey in all the right ways (think fresh in the garden not dry in the pantry) and the sweetness from the berries balances it in a pleasant rather than cloying way. It's a fresh bright smell that's not at all overpowering once it's had a chance to settle on my skin. It layers well with other scents that compliment it. It mellows out as the day goes on but lingers in a light almost natural way. I was very happy I chose this scent but wished I had chosen a phero blend that isn't so easy to OD on. I want to slather it on but I have to restrain myself.
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