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  1. IKR??? Got my last order across the country in 2 business days, thought I was dreaming! Hadn't even checked the tracking yet! Hooray LP and USPS!!!!
  2. Mostly civet on me, which apparently my husband is ALL ABOUT because this is his runaway fave of my package. Regretting I didn't just buy the bottle already! Anyway, not too sweet or powdery to either of us, thank god He calls this 'the musky one', it's so cute. I'm thinking it shares the 'gnarly' civet that's in OCCO Purple? Funny though how they play with the other ingredients. He also says it's 'honeyed, like a dark honey' ... I'm just glad it's not like 'suprise, I'm really baby powder!' honey, might be that ingredient interplay? What I know for sure: I will be getting a bottle or two to
  3. Have to admit, the powder aspect (honey turns that way on me a lot) has me worried. I've been wanting to get this forever, esp since I missed out on HAM aka original SLF way back when... Sooo stoked that there are samples of this, had no idea... now I just gotta pray that if it doesn't powder out (and SLFs like a good little LP) that it's still here to order! Crossing fingers on both counts!
  4. Aren't Pink and Black great together? Black /Red gets all the accolades but I prefer P+B myself, it makes pink more sultry than girly and enphasizes the yummy vanillic side of Black... and though it does not smell like licorice, it has a certain 'quality' of it for me... As a matter of fact, whenever I hear about the aphrodisiac properties of the smell of licorice (which I've never really 'gotten') it is THIS blend I think of, like--oooh, that makes sense now!!
  5. I had never even heard of aquolina's Pink Sugar til the phero forums, I think a lot of people were using it as a cover. One day, I remembered to try it out at Sephora or Ulta... anyhoo, sprayed that on one hand, swiped my LP Pink on the other, and asked DH to pick the winner... Not surprisingly, he said LP Pink, absolutely. IIRC, I thought they were quite similar, though I could tell them apart. He thought they were much more different than I, *and* preferred LP fo sho!
  6. Please, please, oh please, Midnight or Constant or whatever-makes-it-so-cravable (mmm, cardamom) Cravings!!!! Running low... I made a to-go beta of Closer with some Midnight (I missed out on Constant) and OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH M to the G but it is aaaaaahhhhhhh-maaaaaaayziiiiiingggg More along the Cravings line would be appreciated for life Is it still possible to get a custom sugared cardamom if not?
  7. Pardon me, but WTF??? How was this gone less than a week into October? When I hadn't gotten to order it yet
  8. Although as a parting gift for the sweet couple, LV, you should get the word out that they most certainly do NOT want nor are they expecting any gifts AT ALL, though a thoughtful card is of course always welcome. Whether you back out or not, it's really the least you could do. :sock puppet shaking no ha: Good lord though, what a frikkin' tool, f'reals!
  9. Oh, Oh, Oh m g..... So's I was all carefully planning out my sale order, holding off for NR's, now speeding up for NR's, heh... and my carefully crafted list, NAO CAN NOT FIND!!! And idjit that I am, am actually having trouble recalling it! As in, where I had to trim, now is space... more worrisome is that it's in the arena of MUST HAZ, not the maybe must haz. So I am pretty sure my order is a facepalm-in-the-making... just hoping that whatever I forgot can wait til next month... So, order for now is: Luminessence, Sunfire, Homme, G2 spray, OCCO pink and white, Black, and Time o
  10. Ooooh yes, finally my day off to finalize a ginormous sale order, that will now include a sampler of the songs! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  12. While I can't say I am glad to hear that I'm not alone there -- misery loves company but LP denial is sadistic! -- I am relieved that the thread just isn't fully up yet, I guess...? For MOAR goodies, I'm hopin so too miz liz OSP And relieved I wasn't blocked to prevent a buyout as well I'll admit that thought crossed my mind, LadyV... speaking of: Aaaagh caught in enabling crossfire! I am trying so hard NOT to need a bottle of this one, too! Well, back to sale stalking!
  13. OK, before I totally lose it, is anyone else not able to open the HUGE SALE thread? I went from massive excitement to devastation in the count of zero, my head is reeling. I didn't want to start a new thread about it if it's just my computer, or I caught it at the wrong time or something. But I *SEE* the thread there and couldn't access it after trying several times Pleeeeeeeeeeeease helpz!!!!!!
  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and amen to that! I have yet to really review this one, I put it on DH before work when I got it and fell asleep that night before he got home... BUT this did what several other LPs do on him, where well into the next day I smell it on his skin, not exactly the fragrance itself (tho I have learned to differentiate) but like an LP scent stamp of resiny sexilicious NOM... :J001: Today is the first day he's worn it since, but I left for work first and must wait impatiently to love-huff on him for a few more hours, then a literally 'noted' review can follow.
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