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  1. There isn't anise in LPP that I'm aware of, but there is a vaguely licorice-y aspect I don't know how to describe--except to say that, when I hear of the aphrosiac properties of pumpkin, lavender, vanilla and licorice i think, oh it's that licorice sexiness distilled. Anise is the closest thing I can come up with scentwise, but in the way berry+berry = bubblegummy, this X factor sum of some of Pink's combined nomminess= anise/licorice. Gah, the more I try to describe the less sense it seems to make! Someone else here has to have a better way of describing it! But it's a good thing. Play-doh wise, it is the AMBER not the vanilla that goes that way, at least on me. Pink on it's own doesn't really, but an example of what does is the GGG LP/BI, which is so delicious but unfortunately a total play-doh festival. Every time I've worn it people ask what smells like play-doh, "but good" BUT-- play-doh. When I wore it to work, back when it came out, I heard people say I smelled like play-doh, not bad but like, 'yep, it actually does.' And that'e exactly what it is on me, the yummy base with loads of juicy apricot ...smothered in play-doh. And it's the amber for sure; it's happened to various degrees with a couple other things, the only one that sticks out in my mind is a bottle of Obsession several years ago (also very amber heavy) which normally doesn't do that on me. But, I got a few bottles of LP/BI and they all were very play-dohy... though of course, YMMV
  2. IKR??? Got my last order across the country in 2 business days, thought I was dreaming! Hadn't even checked the tracking yet! Hooray LP and USPS!!!!
  3. Mostly civet on me, which apparently my husband is ALL ABOUT because this is his runaway fave of my package. Regretting I didn't just buy the bottle already! Anyway, not too sweet or powdery to either of us, thank god He calls this 'the musky one', it's so cute. I'm thinking it shares the 'gnarly' civet that's in OCCO Purple? Funny though how they play with the other ingredients. He also says it's 'honeyed, like a dark honey' ... I'm just glad it's not like 'suprise, I'm really baby powder!' honey, might be that ingredient interplay? What I know for sure: I will be getting a bottle or two to wear for him, absomofolutely. eta: We couldn't wait, he bought me 2 bottles! That's why I loves ma bebe Can't wait to slather this, and pay him back, mmmm...
  4. I only have Pink, Purple and White of the 'main' colors. Red too, but tucked away somewhere cuz it's way too brown sugary for me, at least in this weather! Purple was a random BOGO sale purchase out of curiosity, I will definitely find a way to work it now that I know DH loooooves that civet note. OK, just threw on some from my apparently leaking bottle (really Purple, NOW??) and DH not only likes (of course) but his immediate response: "That one's bright and fruity!"
  5. Not sure I have Pink Fairy to compare it too, but I wouldn't say it really smells bubblegummy. Then again, LP Pink doesn't either to me so much, but they certainly smell very-- PINK. That particular blend of fruity sweetness like a strawberried spun sugar mixed with creamy vanilla... LPP has an almost anise quality that OCCO doesn't, and OCCO has the citrus (and cops, heh) that LPP doesn't. I don't know what magical berry blend Mara uses to create the wonder that is Pink, but I do remember from a cosmetic experiment in grade school involving natural fruit flavors that combining them smells like bubblegum! Now, if there was such a thing as sexy sexy bubblegum, IMO it would aspire to smell like Pink. Which is kinda what I was trying to say, like I could imagine the bubblegum pupa that metamorphed to a hot pink butterfly (plus ) I dunno, I'm a little dizzy right now, my package came crazy fast and I'm covered in samples. Puuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Ambrosia btw got a big stamp of approval from DH, though it's second to SLF. I'm glad I got the bottle of Ambrosia, it's nice to have a non-smutty... coptail? concoption?... little sumpin sumpin to add to my coco oil in the morning. Kudos to LP, as always! eta: DH said he smelled the cheese in this and SLF, the latter didn't really surprise me (though I couldn't) but really shocked me to hear about Ambrosia. I sure can't. As he put it though, he 'feels' it, so maybe since he knows it's cops, and knows the cheese, there's crossover... and in Ambrosia's defense, he can smell the cheese in anything.
  6. kblazin


    If only the clove were cardamom ...Glad it's not though, I'd need a CASE of this!
  7. Have to admit, the powder aspect (honey turns that way on me a lot) has me worried. I've been wanting to get this forever, esp since I missed out on HAM aka original SLF way back when... Sooo stoked that there are samples of this, had no idea... now I just gotta pray that if it doesn't powder out (and SLFs like a good little LP) that it's still here to order! Crossing fingers on both counts!
  8. I guess patience really does have it's virtues. Haven't ordered in soooo long, missed the original Ambrosia nomminess entirely. Can not wait to get my hands (well, my nose, really... then DH's hands) on the rebrew--thank god I ordered a bottle before it's gone as well! Hoping not to get a lot of powder... usually honeys are the culprit for me with that. My fantasies of ooey gooey golden gilded sex bombasticness tend to become powdery realities... I once claimed to be a honey ho, and wish I could be; but alas, not so much. An unabashed fruit whore, though, absolutely which is somewhat what I'm hoping this is, in a bottle @Eggers, funny that you mention Occo Purple as fruity... Purple is a sort of mystery to me. Earthy, maybe? I haven't figured out how to utilize it yet. I find White a little too syrupy sweet, but my (like, almost daily) OCCO goto is PINK. It's the frikkin sex bomb for reals... and it's got a fruitiness to it, I layer it with nearly everything... which is nearly always fruity. So if you generally like pink stuff, try that for sure! I just went to put Purple and Pink on each hand, actually. Well, a little more Purple on one, then Pink on the other for kicks. Results: definitely got a fruit hit when wet upon reapplication on Purple hand, but it's still olfactorally confusing because it feels incomplete to my taste but I don't know what to layer it with... Occo Pink I could wear as a stand alone. It smells to me like... bubble gum matured into a smokin' sexpot of a woman. Kind of the opposite of sad porn chicks with fake pigtails on top, think a pink pigtail base after it's developed a sincere and smoldering sensuality. Damn, better restock some Pink, too!
  9. Aren't Pink and Black great together? Black /Red gets all the accolades but I prefer P+B myself, it makes pink more sultry than girly and enphasizes the yummy vanillic side of Black... and though it does not smell like licorice, it has a certain 'quality' of it for me... As a matter of fact, whenever I hear about the aphrodisiac properties of the smell of licorice (which I've never really 'gotten') it is THIS blend I think of, like--oooh, that makes sense now!!
  10. kblazin


    I couldn't guess a time frame, but Transition lasts very well and is such a pretty scent... I'm surprised I don't wear this as my primary scent more often, but I've become so accustomed to using these betas for effects, and usually self-effects at that. I always have them with me at work, and sometimes spritz the area there with Tranq to combat bitchiness, mine or other's. That bottle is almost gone now, go figure! If I have on other smellies/pheros, I still sometimes spray a tissue to keep in my pocket and huff occasionally. (Tranquility and Focus blend well together, IMO, so I often do a spray of each on the tissue. Great for a little 'chillax and back-to-the-grindstone' vibe.) Transition has a very calming affect on me scentwise, but at this point it may be Skinnerian as much as anything else I LOVE the intention of it as a blend though, it was part of the Tarot set and based on the Death card, so is about transition (of course!) change, regeneration, etc... things I personally need more of, and extra relaxation and focus to deal! Hope that helps you out
  11. I had never even heard of aquolina's Pink Sugar til the phero forums, I think a lot of people were using it as a cover. One day, I remembered to try it out at Sephora or Ulta... anyhoo, sprayed that on one hand, swiped my LP Pink on the other, and asked DH to pick the winner... Not surprisingly, he said LP Pink, absolutely. IIRC, I thought they were quite similar, though I could tell them apart. He thought they were much more different than I, *and* preferred LP fo sho!
  12. Yeah, I'm a smidge nervous after missing out on Cat's Eye BUT didn't realize til just now that it was a limited quantity Bastet rebrew, duh. But these ARE all fabulous PHEROmas, soooo... stalkstalkstalkstalkstalk
  13. Please, please, oh please, Midnight or Constant or whatever-makes-it-so-cravable (mmm, cardamom) Cravings!!!! Running low... I made a to-go beta of Closer with some Midnight (I missed out on Constant) and OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH M to the G but it is aaaaaahhhhhhh-maaaaaaayziiiiiingggg More along the Cravings line would be appreciated for life Is it still possible to get a custom sugared cardamom if not?
  14. kblazin


    I have Focus and Tranq betas blightly scented with Transition, fabulous combinations, I loooove them both.
  15. Pardon me, but WTF??? How was this gone less than a week into October? When I hadn't gotten to order it yet
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