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  1. That looked like so much fun!! DH and I will be in Washington this summer and I am dying to see the store. Also, those labels are stunning.
  2. Gale

    Fairy Cake: Violet

    I am not a violet fan--too often it goes old lady on my skin, but this is delicious! It's sweet, soft and cakey and it's violet--and I love it!!
  3. Gale

    Petal Pusher

    I love this! I actually could have sworn it was an apricot pastry--but I can see strawberries now, instead of apricots. It is just beautiful. Fresh, sweet and delicious but not cloying or heavy. Great lasting power, too! I'm afraid getting the sampler this month was a grave mistake.
  4. Gale

    Tingle Tangle

    I'm getting the cherry, and the white musk, and they combine beautifully. But I smell no chocolate, unless that's what's anchoring it and making it a little warmer and deeper. It isn't translating as chocolate for me, though.This is not what I expected from the notes, but I'm really, really liking it! (And I really, really can't afford it!)
  5. I get a sweet, soft honey from this. It's really nice and understated. I suppose I would call it a warm, fuzzy SLF!
  6. I am a cupcake loving, sugar slathering, make-me-smell-like-a-Viennese-bakery foodie, and this one made me run to my computer to check the notes. It is just beautiful. Fresh, slightly fruity, slightly earthy (very slightly on me). I love it. I own nothing like it, and I may have to go for a bottle. I am shocked by how much I love this.
  7. Okay, I have to release my reserves on M's Dessert, Pink Lavender Cake, and Liquid Mystery. It kills me to do this, but it would be unforgivably foolish to get them, so I'm getting the monthly sampler instead. Hopefully this will be good news to someone! Sorry for the trouble!
  8. Okay, I' d like Chrissy's Pink Lavender Cake, M's Birthday Dessert, and Wendy's Liquid Mystery (from the description alone, it sounds awesome)--if available, of course. Thanks!!
  9. I got FBs of Land of Nog and Warm Jammies. (I almost typed in Warm James...)
  10. Oh, wow! (I was going to write more, but "Oh, wow!" sums it up nicely.)
  11. This may be my favorite of the sugareds so far! It's beautiful! Spicy and fragrant, just like a cup of chai. It lasts for a long time, but isn't overpowering. I really, really, like this one!! I think it would layer beautifully with any vanillas.
  12. This is a really nice, true licorice scent! It stays close to the skin, and has decent lasting power. Very nice!
  13. This is a gorgeous chocolate! I've already layered it with Sugared White Musk and Warm Milk & Sugar. I have further plans for it, involving Sugared English Toffee....and it's perfect on its own, too!
  14. I'll wager we all did our part!!
  15. Unsurprisingly, this smells like nutmeg! It's a very true scent--but not long lasting. I'll try slathering. I really want this to work, because it's not easy to find a nutmeg fragrance!
  16. This is a delicious, delectable, strawberry jam scent! YUM. That's all I can really say about it.
  17. This is fresh pears. Not caramelized or tarted up in any way, just a true single note sweet pear. I enjoyed it alone for awhile, then layered it with Sugared Pie Spices and Warm Milk & Sugar. Beautiful!!
  18. I put this one on and it was air freshener like whoa! That kind of pine. After my experience with how Sugared Myrrh changed, I put more on and waited for the magic to happen. And a few minutes later, it did! Sugared Pine Needles turns into a very low key, fresh, green, piney scent. The sugar keeps it from smelling like a tree. This also would layer beautifully with a lot of other sugared scents. I am really looking forward to playing mad scientist with these!
  19. This one was a morpher! It started out smelling very smoky--like something burning. Not much sweetness, either. Frankly, it was alarming. After a few minutes, the smokiness went away and turned resiny and sweet! It settled into a sweet, resiny scent that would layer beautifully with spices and musks (maybe even some fruits). The throw wasn't huge, so I would not hesitate to apply liberally.
  20. I went to Hawaii on vacation this year. On every island, a constant breeze wafted the most wonderful scent and this is what it smelled like--beautiful, sweet, soft plumeria! It is by no means high pitched, or strong, if you're worried about florals. It's just gorgeous.
  21. I got my notice on Friday!! When it arrives, I want to take my time sniffing, but I also want to post reviews of Sugareds as quickly as possible!
  22. Hearts: Last order placed today, or for today? I can't stay away--because enough doesn't exist!
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