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  1. Hey Persephone & Stkatz-- I'm a PINK person too! It's also one of the first things I ordered. And I agree, I don't care if anyone else likes it, it makes me love me! I even put it on before I go to bed so I can fall asleep smelling it. Trish (Starrgirl2)
  2. Hello, I'm Trish (Starrgirl2), new to the posting board, and happy to introduce myself. I got here via the Androtics site and Ail, who whole-heartedly recommends your potions. And, so far, I must agree with her! Love Potion Pink--yumm!! Can't wait to try more, which makes me absolutely thrilled with your free samples offer. Thank you thank you thank you!!! On the personal side, oh my, where to begin? I guess the essential fact of my existence at this moment is that I am 55 (this month) and starting over. New master's degree (in mental health), new career (currently position-searching
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