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  1. Using your logic, I expressed MY opinion and that was the end of it. According to you, we all feel free, right? So, I am entitled to state my views, just as you are and have here, without chastisement for it. I don't need you to agree with me, k?
  2. Now THAT'S a true statement, but in a slightly different direction here. Like MissDarlynCherie, I don't get any chocolate aroma with this, at least at first. What I do get is a primal blast of cops flavor. They are there for a little while, not covered so much as welded with the intense tropical fruit/deep maraschino cherry. I'll definitely take the time to help them dry out and let the fruitiness reign. Once that happens, a bit of cocoa comes out to play, shy and sweet. Overall, it's a lovely intro to OCCOWorld for me. And my dear male friend looooved it
  3. Chiming in for a 10ml of Winnie's Almond Musk, thanks.
  4. So? If there were a market for the scent alone, I'm sure it could be offered that way in time with little trouble, as many others have been.
  5. My sample of G & L 2 let me experience what's it like to smell like the bakery box the goodies came in. I mean it, stray dabs of cream cheese and cinnamon atop white cardboard innards. Thanks anyway!
  6. Glad to hear it! Haven't received mine yet, but from the way it's going down, I'm beginning to believe everyone should try this.
  7. Big love for Eternal Chain. For me it becomes a fruity pleasure, with sugar, pansy, papaya and water lily dominating yet grounded by all that amber. Would def recommend hunting for it if EST works well for you.
  8. Now, I'd think that rose, honeysuckle, bergamot and amber would all be aces on me. Not so, not this time at any rate. Maybe the combo is just too close to my fabulous skin chemistry but it just absorbed into me, leaving a run-of-the-mill floral aroma. Two hours later, I get a lovely little honeysuckle/amber duet but it's a bit long to wait. BI nothwithstanding, I think I'll skip hunting this one down (unless, of course, I just happen to try it around some target and he LOVES it, everyone sing along now!).
  9. Surprise, this is great on me. If you can wear sandalwoods or resins, get a sample. There are just enough florals to balance, but they don't really show their faces. The drydown is warm and sexy as Invidiana said and far more upscale than you might imagine. Really, it's high-falutin. This would be beautiful in a massage oil or a body cream.
  10. Initially, it was pumpkin with a nice floral backdrop which became somewhat gingerbread-y for me as well. Unfortunately, it deflated on me into something rather flat and nondescript. Kind of boring, really. There's much better out there for me.
  11. Six bottles and two samples. When I'm back, I'm back with a bang! Helloooo, everyone I got: 2 OCCO Ambrosia Extracurricular Proclivities TMI (scented) Portmanteau Limelight and samples of Cat's Eye and The Sand Witch As you might guess from my selections, I'm looking for adventure. Didn't test even one.
  12. Hi Tee, welcome aboard! Lovely to have you here. Warm welcomes to you too, Quin!
  13. And I am FIRST in line for whatever you don't want...cause I have Krispy Kremes, hee hee hee!
  14. Yeah, and I like "barriers" when it comes to helping my perfume to last.
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