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  1. My sample of G & L 2 let me experience what's it like to smell like the bakery box the goodies came in. I mean it, stray dabs of cream cheese and cinnamon atop white cardboard innards. Thanks anyway!
  2. Six bottles and two samples. When I'm back, I'm back with a bang! Helloooo, everyone I got: 2 OCCO Ambrosia Extracurricular Proclivities TMI (scented) Portmanteau Limelight and samples of Cat's Eye and The Sand Witch As you might guess from my selections, I'm looking for adventure. Didn't test even one.
  3. And I am FIRST in line for whatever you don't want...cause I have Krispy Kremes, hee hee hee!
  4. And I know with my whole entire soul that this will be really good stuff.
  5. That makes you a Pharaoh All kneel before starlightgirl! I got a few of the latest phero samples, 2 bottles of pheros and the last bottle of Dirty Sexy. If not for CC's indecision earlier, I might never have made it I still want Rocket Fuel, Hotter Than Hell, Sorceress, several more pheros and at least a couple of the private editions. IOW, I long to be poor and smell rich.
  6. Indeed they did rebrew it, and I'm really not sure which version I have. If I can remember who I got it from, I'll ask. What was the unobtainable ingredient, if you know? I'm still voting for DS to come back in any case, cause I figure close is close enough
  7. Another holler for Dark Seductions. I adore it and it holds a unique place in my life now. Don't deny me. And I saw that in one post, Dolly said that if this scent was discontinued, she'd cry. Do you know that? And look what happened. You made Dolly cry. *shakes head* Tsk. Kids these days... All seriousness aside, really wanna see this come back for me, Dolly and many others...
  8. Yeah, definitely. I was thinking of getting a sample this latest go-round.
  9. This is an elegant scent. The white scents tend to be, I believe. More than anything, this is tea and jasmine on me, fine and understated. It needs to come back.
  10. I've used this a few times now, and I like it a great deal as a fragrance all by itself. The musky burn of it really sits well in my nose. To draw greater notice, I usually use it alongside another fragrance, not necessarily covering up the Cougar, just riding shotgun, if that's comprehensible. The menfolks' attention definitely seems...rapt. I can absolutely feel that they are focused on me even more than usual and I've been involved in some deep conversations as a result. It's been tested with a few different people, and the described reaction goes for all but one person, an ex of mine
  11. And we're going to a party, party...and we're going to a party, party... A friend of mine is having his monthly "taco night" party tonight and I've decided to wear this and go play! Cannot wait to see what happens. There are always many people but I don't know most of them, so this should be tons of fun. And me with my new haircut and everything Update: Well, I have to say, I didn't notice a big change. I think that people seemed to be more...convivial with me. I was not the center of the party, I just felt like a cozy part of the group, even tho I didn't know anyone too well and
  12. Yeah, they do offer that for just a little extra dough, wotta deal! I'm thinking I'll spring for a bottle. I got the original in a bottle swap, and it is one fabulous fragrance all on its own, so I can just imagine how fun it will be with Cougar in it.
  13. Damned if I'm gonna miss out on it. I'm putting together my order right now!
  14. Y'know, I'm going to have to try this just to see if it helps me to blab. My mom reminded me a while back on how I used to get in trouble in class for being a chatterbox. So now the thought of experimenting on myself and seeing what I might feel an overwhelming urge to say amuses me greatly. "Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips."
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