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    Love this in the vial but like some others it doesnt play well on my skin I think it's the boozy notes, they hate me. I adore creamy caramel and coffee so I really wanted this to work. I did use the rest of my vial to scent my bath water after I knew it wouldnt work on my skin as perfume and that was lovely!
  2. lss

    Warm Jammies

    Love love love this one. Ok I am a fan of sweet, fruity, foody anyway but to me this is such a comforting scent. It is a wear it to bed, helps me sleep and makes me smell edible scent!
  3. lss

    Spider Silk 2012

    I love this one and yes I get the similarity to Silken Moonlight. Both light and silky (well yeah it's in the title), sheer and beautiful. Love it
  4. This is just the perfect blender, can be added to literally anything to change it up or can be worn alone for that little bit of sweetness. It is the perfect hit of sweet without becoming caramel or toffee or vanilla, lends sweetness without any other notes. Perfect!
  5. lss

    Hi everyone

    I have a spread sheet too. I know that anything with sugar in, the sugar stays for ages even if the other notes disappear. Carnation, sandalwood and musk all work nicely on me - cinnamon usually doesn't but in Scarlet Silk it does??? I love LP foodies (cakey, cookie etc) but they vanish in minutes on my skin
  6. lss

    Hi everyone

    Latest order has arrived ladies and will be posted out to you on Monday, now what to order next??? xx
  7. lss

    Hi everyone

    Compiling the list now ladies and I will get the order in on 9th before my hols. I am really loving Touch of Ebil ATM and Mercuralia is different but lovely. My picks for this month are likely to be: Pie in the Sky Unisexy Bayou Musk (keep meaning to try this one) A bottle of Touch of Ebil and I'm sure there will be more.........
  8. Is there any sale stuff left?? Where do I find it? I put a search in for $14.95 but nothing came up. Did we Brits miss it all?
  9. lss

    Hi everyone

    Hi ladies, tis Sarah here....yes I am naughty but I'm lovely Azaezl & Ellie to yet another forum. Just need to get the Enchanted one up and running and we will never be off the computer!! xx
  10. Ooooh that's really interesting about the flame making them toxic!! I wonder why, must be a chemical reaction of some sort. Glad I didn't try it. I pressume you would be fine making them into wax melts/tarts though? I usually use 10% fragrance oil in soy wax to make tarts, eg if I put May Day or Peaceful Home into soy wax at 10% (same as a normal fragrance oil) as a general rule do you think that would be ok? That would be about 2.5ml of the perfume oil (don't know how much of that is phero?) in each wax tart, would that be too much phero to diffuse into a room considering you wear alot less that that - I want a calm and relaxed home, don't want the kids to OD on the pheros.
  11. Does anyone know if pheros work in wax (candles, wax melts)?
  12. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply and I will definately give some of those a whirl. Sounds like Cuddle Bunny might be a good place to start. Thanks again xx
  13. After having 2 children and running a full time business, putting on alot of weight etc, my husband and I are not as intimate as we used to be. Alot of it is due to my lack of confidence but I would like to start to rekindle our intimacy. I am not looking for hot sex necesarrily, more of a gentle, comforting reconnection, but if sex should happen that would be fine too - any recommendations?
  14. lss

    Moroccan Nights

    I love this one, not what I expected but beautiful. I wasn't expecting it to be so floral, I am not usually a fan of florals but this is lovely.
  15. Hi Lor Thanks for your advice. It wasn't so much wearing the perfumes whilst breastfeeding that I was enquiring about, but rather whether they would have any impact on baby ie getting in to my milk. I wouldn't dream of wearing any perfume whilst feeding him, I don't wear perfume atall usually. I breastfed my toddler until he was 2 and love the bond it creates, so it is important to me, I don't want you to think that I am not putting baby first, I am, it is just that (getting personal here) my love life has suffered somewhat since baby was born (tiredness, poor self confidence on my part, body changes etc) so I was just considering on a special evening (anniversary coming up) wearing a pheremone blend or something that made me feel a little sexier and perhaps enticed hubby but my concern was whether wearing it for one evening would cause any harm to baby through my milk. He sleeps through 8pm til 8am (I know that is amazing at 16 weeks) so night feeds are not a problem, I just wouldn't want anything to affect my milk production or seep in to the milk, if you see what I mean?
  16. Is it safe for me to use all of these perfumes particularly the pheremone blends, I have a 16 week old baby and I breastfeed? Will the pheremones have any impact on baby (would they go in to the breastmilk). I am particularly interested in: Love Potion Red Love Potion Black Super for Women EOW Super Sexy woman
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