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  1. I can't quite describe this. I didn't like it so much in the vial but tried it anyway and it started off ok on my skin but then changed into something else that I just can't explain. It reminds me very strongly of something from my childhood but I can't put my finger on what it is. I can definitely smell the raspberry though. This one, for me, dries down into something not offensive but more like a room fragrance.
  2. Sometimes, I just go in there and rearrange all of them and look at em and sniff em. But that's just between us, ok?
  3. *sobs* IT'S LIKE BEANIE BABIES ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! Except this time, my obsession is not silly... ;P
  4. Yeah, if I try to put 100 in my cart and it says there are only 2 or something, I try to order! Ha! I'm still learning what I like and what doesn't work on me. So excited to be getting an order soon!!!
  5. Since I'm still fairly new here, I have a question. I did try to search but couldn't come up with anything definitive. How do you ladies decide what to hoard or what NOT to delay ordering? My influx (more like a trickle) of $$ comes once a month and that is soooo not good for this new addiction. I'll see something I might wanna try for the fall or something but then there will only be like, 10 left!! I know the LP's are permanent but how do you tell what else is or what new ones may likely be permanent? Also, does anyone else freak out thinking that full size bottles may be sold out by the time your sample arrives, lovingly transported by fairies and occasionally gnomes?? (that's the way I like to think my orders arrive. is much more funnerer)
  6. In the vial...YUM-O! But after about 10 minutes on my skin it goes all plasticky. BUT, I felt so darn good I left it on! I will admit, I kinda passed over the info on B2 but I srsly may get this boosted in something else or UN. I was also a little surprised by Mother Nature today as I was not keeping up with her due date, but I may have to try this again tomorrow as I will be bitchtastic.
  7. Are these included in the monthly sampler? I wasn't sure since these were technically PE's... Thanks!
  8. YAY!! I've never gotten to try MRF! Hope there is some left by Wednesday!
  9. Not the first time because I just put on a little. I vowed to never let that happen again, however. So today, I slathered it on and I was WHEEEEEEE after about 10 minutes! Really. I was driving with my 7 year old and we had the best conversation we have in a looonnnng time too. Gotta get me some of that Lace. Maybe some LP Red boosted with it along with a bottle of Mocha Whirl with it if there are any left!
  10. Paganlady, I am in total agreement with you on this. I lurv me some coffee but never really thought I'd like to wear it, especially since I'm not much on mocha coffees anyway. But I got a sniffie too and at first, I was all "oh cool...I get to try Lace" then I was all "ZOMG this smells so yummy AND I get to try Lace!!!"
  11. Got a sniffie in my wonderful little brown box today!!! I love this! It is just...juicy and summery. Full size worthy!
  12. Welcome! Soon you will be like me, and there will be a few days every month or so that your life *almost* revolves around the arrival of that package!!!!!
  13. DEE DEE DEET!!! Thanks! That explains a lot!
  14. Could someone please explain the way that tracking a package works?! The info is almost never accurate for me. For example: I had a package from somewhere else coming and this morning it had not updated in 2 days and was in CA. I go to the PO anyway, and there it is. It STILL says it's in CA!!!!! I have noticed this before. Does anyone know why this is? I guess I just kinda figured once it was scanned somewhere it would automatically update. Guess that's not how it works...
  15. Welcome! You will love it here! I do! Glad you are here. This is just the place to relieve you of any bothersome extra cash you may (or may not) have!!
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