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  1. I have seen lots of good reviews on the popularity potion and am thinking about buying it in the future. Is it an oil based product or alcohol based, and does it come in a roll-on bottle, spray bottle, bottle with a plastic wand, etc? Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks a lot. You have an awesome username and really cool hair I have tons of samples I still need to try and I know many of the ladies are waiting for my results, so I do apologize. I am a part of 3 pheromone/cologne sites, so sometimes it's hard to keep up lol.
  3. Thanks a lot to all of the warm greetings, good wishes etc. I wish the best for all of you ladies and the very few gentlemen on this forum in return lol. I turn 21 in August, so I have to wait until then to actually pursue a cruiseship job whenever I have the time for it. Most cruiseships require you to be at least 21 in order to work for them. I can also speak Japanese fairly fluently, as I am half Japanese/half French Canadian, so maybe I can be a translator on a cruiseship as well as a bartender Most people think I look Italian, Greek, or Hispanic, so go figure lol. I am majoring in business admin/management and possibly minoring in international business, so I really hope I get the time to live out my cruiseship dream for about 6 months to 1 year. Thanks to all of the readers that have looked at my thread. Cheers. -Revivia
  4. I can handle it...They do about 70-80 hours per week, but I'll do it. Sounds like an amazing time to say the least for both the workers and the customers. I'm glad you had fun.
  5. Haha, thanks a lot for the comments and compliments. My next goal in my stages of life is to be a bartender on a cruise ship for 6 months to 1 year, and possibly be a model. The bartender part for sure.
  6. Thanks for the additonal warm welcomes. I love how some women love to mess with me and call me "boy" even though I am almost 21 haha. I am a fully grown mature adult man thank you very much. *Stands with back straight, shoulders out and chin up* ROAR
  7. Both Northshore and Sorcerer is incredibly sexy. I think you would like Sorcerer better because it actually contains pheromones, and has a sweet honey type scent that I believe most women would enjoy. I would personally recommend Sorcerer. I recently acquired it through a swap and I love it.
  8. Sorry for not replying as soon as I should have. I have 2 bartendings jobs and also work at Abercrombie & Fitch and also go to college. Last week although it was spring break for me, was full of work, partying, and having fun with friends. That being said, let me think of a good scent for you to pick for your man. Thanks a lot for your post btw. I hope to have your answer in a day or 2 after experimentations are done. Cheers.
  9. Awesome....All the ladies are invited woot. I had a famous celebrity come to my place last night because I work at an event center, and famous people do shows there. I had a blast and love my job, and about to get another bartending job to go along with this one. I am going to bartending school in about 2 weeks, and taking a week long 40 hour course, so I will be a bartender soon enough. WOOT!
  10. Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay lol. I have recently been studying to become a bartender, got the liquor license and certification and landed a bartender's assistant (barback) job. I made $100 overall tonight, so not bad...I'll be sure to post more often from now on. Cheers!
  11. Thanks a lot for the warm welcomes. I'll do what I can to help out.
  12. Thanks a lot pony...Has the price increased for that, because I thought it was selling for $40 on here.
  13. Sorry for not posting lately lol....My friend was "too tired" to go to the club, so he pretty much bailed on me....I decided that it wouldnt be fun to go alone, so I just stayed home. *sad face
  14. I don't have teddy at the moment, but would love to get some soon hehe.
  15. How much are you willing to sell for Super? I dunno why, but it wont let me pm you.
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