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  1. I have recently purchased the Men's Sample Set...The 2 free samples i am getting are: TRIAL SIZE: Bayberry and Gold ( - 1.75 ml TRIAL SIZE: Sweet Revenge Potion ( - 1.75 ml I hope the 12 diff. scents I get are good....I will report as soon as I get them.
  2. I am thinking of buying "Men's Trial Size Collection" which includes 10 1.75 ml vials of the supposedly best, and most popular men scents for $29.95, and plus I get 2 free samples of my choice in addition which is great as well...This should be a good start for a person new to this company and I already have over $200 in my arsenal of other pheromones from other companies haha....I consider this a hobby of mine, and I am thinking about making personal colognes using perfumer's alcohol and fragrant oils....This should be tons of fun, I cant wait. I'm surprised there arent more men on here...oh well *smiles and smirks
  3. dang I feel so lucky haha....its amazing to have this many women and so few guys for competition...*smirks....I am 5'11, 175 lbs, tanned skin, brown spikey hair and brown eyes, and athletic body....I work at Abercrombie & Fitch and am going to try to be an actual model for them in the future.
  4. My name is Andrew aka Revivia and I have prior knowledge and background from purchasing pheromones from love-scent, androtics, and adameve before....I have found this site through a google search and have a lot of great things that the other sites dont offer, such as money and popularity potions haha...I am a 20 yr old (almost 21 woot) college student, mainly using it for dating, relationship, job and social purposes.
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