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    Hhhmmmmm.....let's see: 1. Persuasion Potion 2. Revenge Potion 3. Phero Girl 4. Fairy Massacre 5. Medium You can play the "one of these things is not like the others" while looking at my list. Four green herbally resiny blends and one straight up honey-sex one. If I wear them in rotation it's like: 1. Normal day 2. Normal day 3. Give me some.... 4. Normal day 5. Normal day
  2. I can not WAIT to try the pheromone blend. I've always been rather interested in the pheromone phenomenon ( wow ) so to find a Love Potion with pheromones is too good to be true. I know I'll be back for bottles!
  3. I DO like Medium. I received it as a freebie sample and liked it immediately. But......I like the idea of applying Blessings however .( I need all the help and blessings that I can get!) I guess I could make a fake lable that says "Blessings" and put it on my vial!
  4. I'd be an even happier girl if I could have some BLESSINGS! I love deep mystical/ spiritual/ incensey scents and to be able to annoint myself and my kidlets with BLESSINGS......just too cool. Any call for it? Christine
  5. Ahem. (coughs nervously) This is my first post here at LP and only the second fragrance review period. I just had to write about what happened yesterday whilst I was wearing Fairy Massacre. I had to take my 8yodd to the pediatrician for a well-check. When I was standing at the little glassed window, checking her in, the receptionist said "Oh! You smell SO good. What are you wearing?". I froze. I laughed. I stammered my explaination...."Oh....it's called...you'll never believe it....sounds so crazy....never imagined anyone would ask....Fairy Massacre by ....o....a company called Lov
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