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    I love the name, artwork and imagery of this one, and was sad that I missed out on Mermaids of Atlantis, so I was extra glad I loved this scent! The sillage is gorgeous and my man and girlfriend really like it on me. It's fresh with the bamboo notes and pretty with the water lily. It has the seawater salty feel without being bitter; the aloe, lettuce and cucumber give it that really soft, sweet water feel underneath the bracing mossy seawater spray. Can't wait for my bottle!
  2. Scent review only so far: I love how this starts off a bit foresty with the oak and there's something in there like a zippy pine note, though I'm not sure where I'm getting that from. The cinnamon is lovely and light, doesn't take over the scent at all, but complements it, same with the orange blossom and sweet pea, they don't scream floral. Everything just blends really well. After a little while, the rounded sweetness of the black amber, musk, vanilla and sugar come to the fore, yet it still smells a bit zippy. It's a really beautiful mix. I love it
  3. I'm very excited as I am making a wee order of this, Bosom Bows and Nymph today as a wee birthday present for myself I fell for Sorceress at first sniff. On me, the scent is much softer than I imagined it would be but I love it even more for that. The patch provides a warm velvety base and the musk, vanilla and amber combine to make an almost candied pink musk which the carnation's spicy dryness complements perfectly. I'm not sure its affect on others yet, but it's certainly had an effect on me!
  4. Just wanted to say a big big thank you!!! I got my subscription of this month's from the post office yesterday and there is much to love! I've been avoiding the forums because I'm trying to budget bigtime lately, but when my subscription turns up I'm :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: all over again! I'm going to have to set some money aside for a wee bottle order I think but it's going to be hard because I've fallen in love with a few scents from each subscription over the past few months. Eeeep! I am going to be so sad when my sub ends Ooooh and thank you for the lovely earrings too!!!
  5. I got my subscription yesterday! Always so exciting...am going to be so sad when it's finished! But for now So far I am loving Sorceress. So good!
  6. I got this in my monthly subscription order too. Is yummy. Thank you for the sniffie!
  7. They sound lovely! I think I might like a bottle of Sea Monkey's Musk in the Dust if possible?
  8. Oooh, I will, they should be arriving any day now!
  9. I popped into the forum last week to read up more about pheros and see what was new and WHOA!!! I wanted to try all the new ones but couldn't decide. I've been thinking about and resisted getting the 12 month subscription for a while, but a gal can only resist for so long...there's just too many every month that I want to try! So after some serious thinking, I ordered it today! I'm so excited!!! Can't wait for my first delivery!!!
  10. Thank you Liz and Mara! Hee, that's my Gangsta Kitteh! Heehee, yup, there was never any turning back for me. I am a slave to scent!
  11. Yum! Creamy eggnog, cinnamon gingerbread with lemon icing! VERY good gingerbread note! Not a heavy ginger at all, which is what I get with some gingerbread perfumes. On me though, it does lose its delicious foody aspect after a while, but becomes a just as delicious lemony sort of perfume.
  12. I love my sample of this, I got it as an extra a while back. I thought it might be too floral for me, but it's so pretty! Hard to describe, but it sort of smells like a very lightly spiced floral with a candy and sweet effervescent note. I love that fruity effervescent note, I think is the lovely lychee and ice notes that are doing it. Different and a really lovely scent!
  13. Oh my goodness. This IS English Toffee...whoa! As whiskerswhispers says, it is like Werthers, but I also get a hint of Irish Cream and/or coffee as well, which I couldn't place till I read her review. The drydown on me is like a dark vanilla. Yum!
  14. In the vial... a rounded citrus, a hint of leather. Interesting! On, similar to the first sniff, but the leather is coming out more and now a pink feel. I love the Lost Boys reference but I feel like I'm on a date in Grease! I'm wearing my date's leather jacket and eating cotton candy! A touch of spice is coming out too, like I'm breathing in his aftershave. The leather gets a bit overpowering on me like it sometimes can, but still, I love the imagery!
  15. My first order from Magickal Perfumerie was a wee bottle of the original back in 2004. I still have just about half left (due to having about million other scents but this is one of my many favourites for sure. It's absolutely gorgeously delicious!! Honey, sugar and vanilla are what I mainly get. So smooth and sweet and just a little dry from maybe a very soft, sweet incense, a hint of cinnamon and a floral, maybe jasmine? It becomes the smell of soft, warm, sweet honeyed skin. A little like powdered honey.
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