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  1. I was sooo tempted to try Cuddle Bunny this order, because of the cotton notes and the alluring pitch of the Pheros, but I'm still afraid! I already give off so much sex, and the 'dab'll do ya' warning makes me think I might smell like an E-fueled orgy. Still want to try it, though.
  2. This one is a head turner, and if it's too spicy on the skin it makes a great room scent before you turn on the Barry White, if you know what I mean. BPAL's Red Devil is similar, if you've tried that before.
  3. I found a closer sister scent to LP White: Diamant by Fragonard. (Of course it has fixative and alcohol, which makes it smell more department store-y.) I'm not familiar with Healing Gardens, though. I looked up the notes for that and it said "cucumber," which I don't get from LP White at all. (Interesting trivia I found in my search- did you know COTY founded the paramilitary group Solidarite Francaise?)
  4. This goes on very Amaretto and boozey-like, which is a-ok by me. As she relaxes and morphs, she turns to a luscious honey-dipped almond and lingers sweetly.
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