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  1. Did I miss a thread on this already? I searched, I swear! Sorry Oh, and, I was also going to add this reminds me a lot of BPAL's Purple Phoenix.
  2. salomewilde


    Violitious A delightful mix of the purple and the delicious! Violet, Lavender, Purple Berries, ethereal indigo Musk, sexy Resins and luscious Vanilla. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: VIOLET ~ Love, modesty, calming, balancing, healing, protection, draws luck and fortune, lust. LAVENDER ~ Soothes/restores body and mind, arouses sexual desire in men, loyalty, purification, protection, healing. BERRIES ~ Love inducing, aids in relieving pregnancy discomforts, protection. VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. MUSK ~ Self-confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Violet, Lavender, Purple Berries, Ethereal indigo Musk, sexy Resins and luscious Vanilla." My first question: is this a substitute for the exquisite Dark Seductions? My answer: Possibly! It's sweeter. It's got those juicy, ripe LP berries on top. Black cherry? Violet (ahhh) with musk (and resin) swell beneath, like a more playful, younger Dark Seductions. This disappeared on me rather quickly, but she died sublimely, leaving a pale shadow of creamy lavendar.
  3. I was surprised how simple and delicate this frag was, but it works because I needed a daytime/school scent. The marshmallow does not cloy; you nearly mistake it for the white amber. That's all I really get, and I'm okay with that It lasted on me for about 5 hours, which is impressive wear. AND my sweetie says it's "really nice," because it's more of a suggestion of scent (natural) than what I normally wear. Glad I have a big bottle. This one will get used up fast.
  4. The corn in this is what sold me. I love corn smells, real and artificial- like those Japanese gummy corns. I have taken a semi-permanent precaution to not make babies, but here's to making him keep trying!
  5. I was sooo tempted to try Cuddle Bunny this order, because of the cotton notes and the alluring pitch of the Pheros, but I'm still afraid! I already give off so much sex, and the 'dab'll do ya' warning makes me think I might smell like an E-fueled orgy. Still want to try it, though.
  6. Mine loves it when I smell like dessert. We can't agree on any florals except LP White. Ok, thanks! I'm off to make my order!
  7. I luuurv sweet sweet cherry anything. It's been way too long since I've ordered.
  8. Ah- glad to see this thread. Is there anyway I could get a run down on the fertility ingredients of Egg? It sounds like something I might need a big bottle of...
  9. Quietguy- I found the study you may have been talking about, it's referenced in the new book Scent of Desire (by Rachel Herz.) It was Claus Wedekind's study: Body odor is the phenotype marker for our genetic immunity makeup (MHC.) Girls who aren't on the pill are able to sniff out their most genetically suitable mate (the one with the MHC most different from them, to avoid inbreeding,) but girls on pills which hormonally mimic the state of pregnancy are more attracted to the the smell of the men with the most similar MHC. Scientists theorize that this is because in the state of pregnancy (natural or hormonally mimicked,) family offers more protection. This theory is supported by a natural phenomenon seen in female mice, who will abort their litter in the presence of a strange male (because the litter would be threatened by him, and to make her immediately able to mate with the newcomer.) (p.129) Interesting, huh?
  10. Ok, continuing my research into more academic venues, I found this article on psych.net http://www.apa.org/monitor/oct02/pheromones.html and there are many articles in the scholarly resource JSTOR. I got in and searched "copulins." However, there are no recent articles. They're all from the 70s and 80s, except for one (Female Body Odour Is a Potential Cue to Ovulation by Devendra Singh, 2001 from the journal Biological Sciences). The following is a synopsis from pages 700-800: *** * This one's hypothesis is that since copulins increase during the 7 day ovulation period so it "would be surprising" if they weren't a mating signal to men. Studies done from the late 70s. through the late 90s (detailed in the article) conflict about whether ovulation or the follicular phase created more attractive smells, possibly from the small sample size, differing methodologies and other variables (for instance, the participants weren't supposed to sleep with pets or have sex during the study.) * Men also require visual cues of ovulation ("skin color", which is "lighter and suffused with blood" and "breast symmetry") for maximum effective attraction. These combined olfactory and visual signs are only apparent for the seven days of ovulation, according to the compiled research, to males in pair-bonded relationships and are specific to their female partners. * For 3 days of the cycle, strange males are more likely to respond to the smell of an ovulating female, and women are more likely to engage in sex with different partners during this time. * The author says it is important to note that it is a confirmed fact that "all odours are subject to habituation and adaptation." Repeat exposure of a man to his mate's ovulation scents "after some time" will reduce his response/sensitivity to them. http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0962-8452...%3E2.0.CO%3B2-3 *** So this is intriguing. Your ovulation odors work on your man, but only for a limited time. He'll also eventually become immune to the synthetic ones, too, if they really work, and they shouldn't be masked with other scents. But for a guy who the smell is new to, the smell will be "hedonistically positive." In short, I'd like to try a sample of this. What's the best brand?
  11. Thanks, Carrie! This part was thought-provoking. "One author speculated that the supposed male preference for blondes and redheads is attributable to their higher production of copulins. Though entertaining, there is no scientific support for this theory. Research does suggest that the heightened attraction evoked by copulins is more apt to benefit women who are less attractive than women who are very attractive. Presumably, men are so revved up by just looking at gorgeous women that adjunctive attractants such as copulins elicit relatively little additional appeal. Since copulins do more to enhance the appeal of women who aren’t stunning, in effect they decrease the importance of optical attractiveness and hence help level the playing field in the competition for men." **EDIT: I finished the article and some people questioned that comment. But I'm going to keep researching it. http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1722038 According to this article, they are less effective for attraction than steroid pheromones, damage mucous membranes and smell more like feta than gorgonzola.
  12. This one is a head turner, and if it's too spicy on the skin it makes a great room scent before you turn on the Barry White, if you know what I mean. BPAL's Red Devil is similar, if you've tried that before.
  13. Very interesting conversation, gals. So what I gathered from the above is that this can be a supplement for women with sex hormone imbalances (menopausal or post menopausal, or on a weird dose of birth control etc.) and that for others it's easy to misuse/smell "sour" or "like gorgonzola?" (Which is making me nauseous thinking about, btw) I was telling the bf about this and he said "a fertile 16 year old? groooossss!" Are all male responses to this positive?
  14. This morning I was awoken by a lovely fragrance that I was positive was baking cookies and a Christmas tree. I kept smelling my wrist in bed because I'd fallen asleep with Frosted Mulberry, Cranberry and Plum on. It was none of these. My sweetie had put on Sugared Forest and this is just the way it smells on him.
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