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  1. How is it I never reviewed this until now? This is so different from the first Santa Carla; while the last one was almost bubblegum-sweet over awesome black leather, this smells like deep-fried pumpkin-filled pies. Love it.

  2. Treat brings up such a strong scent-memory for me that I had to get a bottle. Imagine being a little kid trick-or-treating with one of those white plastic trick-or-treat bags grocery stores used to give out free, something kind of like this. By the end of the night, you could open the bag and take a deep breath, and somehow that bag had captured the night: the bare-limbed trees, the dry grass underfoot, the jumble of sugary treats in waxed paper, and, permeating it all, the rich cocoa smell of all that chocolate.


    Thanks so much for this memory!

  3. Favorite five on my guy:

    Gothic Xmas. (No kidding--he smells so good in this. One of the best parts of the season!)

    Blood Martini (You'd think this would be too sweet, but on him the sweetness is rounded out by all those wonderful woods.)

    David Hess's Maniac for Men (wow, in the way-back machine for this one!)

    North Pole for Men (Woods, ginger, lovely.)

    Thane (More woods . . .)


    Conclusion? My guy smells great in woods. He turns spices and vanilla into gold too, as long as he remembers not to apply after a shower--ouch!

  4. I just received my "basket" locket from the first run. It is seriously beautiful--the picture didn't do it justice! It's also larger than I thought, but that's actually very cool. I'm trying to decide if I want to hang it in my car or in the window, possibly with some really sparkly crystals.


    Thanks so much for this offer!

  5. This is a classic. Hard to believe it's four years old! Usually I swap out the scents on my dresser with the seasons, but Unwrapped--in spite of its "cheeky" Christmas label--stays year-round. For Unwrapped, there really is no time like the (Christmas) present.

  6. Wow, this is fantastic. Prior to this, my favorite LP with a leather note was the long-gone Santa Carla, which I've been hoarding. But Sugared Leather is softer, more rounded, but still unmistakably leather. Sometimes a leather scent can seem too astringent, but SL isn't the case at all. Just amazing. I'm sure it would be great layered, but right now? I like it straight up.

  7. I thought I'd already reviewed this, but apparently not. Sybillia is just a lovely, complex fragrance with (on me) a deffinite "mossy" note. I've always loved it--in autumn, I even sleep in it, someimes with some very pleasant dreams. A complete favorite, with my love for the Sassy one.

  8. These days my favorites are

    1) Flying Potion. I wear this ALL THE TIME. It's just so bright and pretty . . . I'm thrilled it has come back and I'm getting ready to put in an order for a whole bunch.

    2) Super for Women. Trying to ration this, as I have only a bit left. But I love, love it so.

    3) Sugared Bonfire

    4) There's like a "holy trinity" of autumn scents for me: Halloween Moon, Hallowtide, Gianduja. I'm cycling through those about every other day, and I'll be continuing to do so until about Thanksgiving.

    5) Gothic Christmas . . . But not on me. It's my favorite thing for my guy, possibly ever.


    It's so cool to see how big this thread has gotten over the years . . . I still wish I'd started a "top ten" instead of a "top five," though!

  9. This one has aged so well. It's been one of my favorite autumn LPs; I love the autumnal "nuttiness" of the whole thing. I follow several perfume makers, but here at LP I always find my favorite nuts, hands down! :20628860864593fef0b8f29: (Everybody saw that one coming, didn't they?)

  10. Rich and kind of awesome. Definitely edible, but on me this is kind of smooth, like a milky caramel that just flows everywhere. Very true to the description. I picked this one out as a freebie, and I'm glad I did!

  11. OK, so I still have about 3/4 of my bottle of Carpe Noctem, which sold out pretty quickly if memory serves. Ebil-ish isn't quite the same--if anything, it strikes me as a bit smoother. It's rocking that dark, wicked vanilla thing. If I'd run out of Carpe Noctem, I could definitely live with this as a substitute. And . . . this may be complete heresy . . . but I think I actually prefer it.


    I'd like to do an experiment wearing each long-term and see how the scent holds up over a few hours. In the meantime, though, I'm pretty happy with the little black kitty.

  12. Yes, just write in NOVEMBER in the section where it asks for CUSTOMER NOTES. (Not at the end of the order in PayPal, I mean there is a spot when ordering the monthly collection where you can tell me what month you want if it differs from the current month).


    Gotcha! I thought that was how it worked, but with the "specialness" of November I just had to ask. Time to put in my order at last!

  13. Really looking forward to that PE. And December scents too! But everything went crazy in November, and I never got to order my November trial collection. Can I still order a November trial collection to go with the rest of my order?


    I'm sure this is covered somewhere else, but it's exam week and I'm kind of brain-dead. Only a massive holiday-flavored LP order can help!

  14. I can't say if there's going to be a rebrew of Flying Potion, but if there IS then I could see Mara saving it for November (because it's All-Phero month).


    I'd been wondering this too! Since last year, I have used one full sample and one-and-a-half bottles. YIKES. I have never gone through perfume that fast--not ever! I still have a half bottle to go, as well as one precious shrink-wrapped bottle still hidden away. A potential rebrew is VERY good news.


    I'm definitely getting the sampler pack this month. I always do, this time of year, and I'm never disappointed! Some of the other etailers I follow have left me a little cold with their autumn updates, but this one has me all excited. It's not Halloween until I get a nice bunch of vials to fall in love with.

  15. Swapped for his one, and it turned out to be a *great* trade! I love the lovely, sticky, fresh-doughnut scent. Lemon makes me nervous; some of my favorite scents in the world have lemon notes, but so often it seems to overpower other notes or wipe them away with its sanitizing Pledge-ness. Not here. Bright candy that floats over the pastry for just a moment, then settles right down into a sweet and wonderful blend.


    Lemon-filled doughnuts were always my favorite. This is why. :)

  16. Just a little while ago I finished off my entire bottle of the original. I reached for it * a lot*, especially at night. Summer nights, winter nights, autumn nights . . . So comforting and cozy, and the scent remained true to the last drop.

  17. Depending on your own personal tolerance to Alpha-Nol, I would say anywhere from 1,000-3,000 mcg of Alpha Nol in a SPRAY form, to get that Flying Potion aura. I say to mind your tolerance because some ladies get headaches from too high a dose, and the spray form amplifies the effect, making the phero light and airborne. Sprays last a shorter time than oils, but it's a more intense experience for around 2 hours.


    Ahh, OK. Well, I seem to be pretty tolerant! I did a quick comparison, and almost all the phero blends I like have some degree of Alpha nol. (I also used up a whole bottle of Allegro!) For me, it seems to take the edge off the winter blahs, and lately I've had a lot of blahs.


    Thanks so much. I've been meaning to put in an order for some Bohemian kitties just as soon as I have the time to get an order sorted out. I have a feeling a spray will be hitching along too. ;)

  18. It's just a matter of concentration.

    A normal dose of Alpha-Nol is 1,000 mcg per 1/3 fl.oz. bottle.

    Woozy Floozy is 3,000 mcg - we called it that (really just being silly) because the stronger doses seem to have a tendency to make people feel giddy and drunk, and lower your resistance to alcohol.

    The sprays are available in 4,500 mcg per ounce, or 7,500 mcg per ounce.


    Cool, thanks! I really appreciate it. So if I wanted to mimic the phero effects of Flying Potion, what would you suggest?

  19. I'd really like to know this too. This winter Flying Potion 2011 has become my go-to potion; I've worn it almost every day, with great results. I've finished off a whole bottle and sample, and I'm running low.


    I'd like to try blending my own with other scents I have already. (And, of course, crossing my fingers that Flying Potion returns this autumn!)


    What would be the best advice for whipping up a substitute for Flying Potion? I have scents, I have perfumer's alcohol, I have vials, I don't have pheromones. I've never tried blending (or buying straight pheromones, for that matter) so consider me a newbie on this one.

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