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  1. The most gorgeous scent of organic freshness, green and watery, clean and naturally sweet, with a hint of powdery musk and darker woods beneath. Encompasses the magical properties of Love, Sex, Power, Protection and Mental Clarity. This is one of my favorite "green" scents ever, and I've literally exhausted my sample. It's just a bright green fragrance with a lovely, musky balance. I can't speak to its effectiveness promoting "Love, Sex, Power, Protection," but "Mental Clarity" is a definite yes. It's one of those "happy" fragrances, a touch sweet but definiely NOT too sweet, that just brightens me up when I wear it. I really need a bottle before the sale goes away!
  2. A Cuban inspired sweet treat! Ripe Bananas rolled in sugar, then fried in sweet butter until carmelized. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top, and YUM! This perfume will make you want to try that recipe yourself - delish! (Note: This blend contains cinnamon.) How is it that nobody has added a topic for this one yet? This is probably my favorite "Sugared," with the exception of Sugared Pumpkin . . . And this says a lot, because usually things that are meant to smell or taste like bananas end up making me run the other direction. This is not one of those times. For one thing, the fragrance is very definitely carmelized. It's sweet, but not too sweet, a faintly spicy and mouth-watering blend. It's perfectly compatible with several other fragrances, too, so it does make a good layering note--my samples were actually half-sized, and I carried one in my pocket for about a week to "touch up" other foody scents that had faded. Nice staying power on this one, too.
  3. Hmm, a strawberry scent. *sigh* It will smell like Strawberry Shortcake . . . Sweet, generic, redolent of artificial fragrance and vintage plastic. But this one . . . doesn't. Yes, it's sweet and bright, but it's not your average strawberry scent. Maybe it was the balance of other notes, but this one came out very "red," just as described. It's not one that I would wear solo myself, but it really does make a fantastic layering note. If you want to add a little bright, cheerful sparkle to something, this one works. Personally, I think it's fun with Sugar-Fried Bananas. (Actually, I think almost everything is better with Sugar-Fried Bananas!)
  4. I keep looking at this page and re-counting--are there really 11 new scents this month, as opposed to the usual ten?
  5. I definitely should have called this topic "Your Current Top Five!" It's really cool to see who has similar tastes--as well as how often "Love Potion: Black" pops up. Not to mention we got a couple of hints about upcomings . . . Yay! HA! That's fabulous. Well, you know what they call Wednesday . . . *runs and hides*
  6. mountainwitch

    Top Five

    I don't *think* there's a topic like this on the board already; my sincere apologies if that's the case! I've seen people open topics for the sexiest love potion, but what would you say are your top five? Do you find yourself drawn more to the "Sugared" line, the Love Potions, or something different? I'm thinking my five favorites are these . . . 1) Raven Moon 2) Love Potion: Black 3) Sugared Bonfire 4) Santa Carla 5) Sugared Pumpkin Of course, that leaves out a lot of other favorites, like Hallowtide, Lolita's Kiss, and Sugar-Fried Bananas . . . But when it comes down to it, I think that's a pretty good snapshot of my Love Potion "tastes" as of right now. So what are yours?
  7. It got so cold last week that I finally broke out my winter coat. I stuck my hand in my pocket, and what did I find but . . . Love Potion Black! I thought I'd lost this sample forever, but apparently it was just hiding. Which is fabulous. I'd almost forgotten just how much I love this oil. It's got that lovely, almost edible sweetness, but it's balanced with a bit of a darker edge. On me it's incredibly rich vanilla and luscious honey, edged with other, darker notes. It's like the scent equivalent of a soft black leather jacket, the kind that, whenever you put it on, you know it looks good. I just might leave this one in my coat pocket, dangerous place though it is. Never can tell when it might come in handy!
  8. Just a note to add to my review . . . This also makes a great "sleepytime" scent. I've been wearing it to bed for several nights in a row now; it's the only "sleep" scent I have that reminds me of autumn, and it also seems to be conducive to remembering my dreams. Good stuff!
  9. Oh, I love scented candles! I just hate it when somebody hugs me and says, "You smell just like a Yankee candle!" I start worrying that instead of smelling sexy/scintillating/scrumptious/whatever I was shooting for, I smell like I had a horrible accident with the liquid porpourri. :unsure: Silly, I guess, since they're saying they like it--I guess I'm just self-conscious! This happened to me twice in one day with a fall scent from another company, and I think it made me a little skittish. *blush* Incidentally, someone remarked on Autumn Equinox yesterday . . . But I didn't get "candle." I got, "Oooooh you smell so good . . . Like COOKIES!" Now that's perfect!
  10. I don't like root beer. Never have. Root beer candy, jelly beans, floats? Yuck. Just not for me. So why does this smell so good? Seriously, the only reason I ended up with this scent was because I wanted everything else in September's sampler pack. However, DMF turned out to be the surprise hit of the package. It does NOT have that artificial note that really annoys me about rootbeer-flavored things; instead this is just creamy and intriguing and more than a little wonderful. It is utterly distinct and different from anything else in my scent collection. Definitely a mood-lifter, and the boyfriend loves it too.
  11. I love apple scents, but not usually apple cider. I had an LE from another company last year that just didn't work for me; it always disappeared inside three hours! I had some reservations about Hallowtide, and I am ashamed to admit that it was the art--the cute witchy with her high-heeled boots--that actually suckered me into trying this one. *blush* WOW. I'm glad I did. The staying power of this one is closer to six hours. It is NOT just apple cider; instead more complex, a touch darker, and more mysterious. There's a lovely thread of patchouli in the blend that sets it apart--and usually I can't do patchouli at all! I've used about half my sample so far, and I'm seriously thinking about a bottle. While this is a perfect Halloween-themed scent, I feel like I could wear it all winter long. It's also compatible with the Autumn Equinox LE; after a long day at work--and lately I've had a LOT of long days at work!--I can "touch up" with a little of Autumn Equinox without clashing. So to sum up . . . My favorite cider scent ever. The red-haired witchy's boots did not lead me astray. Of course, now I want to buy some shoes . . .
  12. This is a warm, friendly autumn scent that does NOT get the dreaded "Yankee Candle!" comment. Sweet as candy corn, with a lovely smooth spiciness. It lingers a long time, longer than some of my other autumn scents, but it's perfectly compatible with several of them; I can carry it in my pocket and "touch up" midday after the other scents have disappeared. I don't know that I need more than my sample, as this scent is such a perfect capture of autumn that I can't imagine wearing it at any other time . . . But I'm thrilled with what I have!
  13. What Scourger said! This month I have run shamelessly amok, buying all kinds of Halloweeny fragrances. I've got a lot o'punkin, but I still don't have anything quite like this. It's soft and sugary--I could wear this one to class, a show, even a church without feeling like I was overpowering the place. But it still has that perfect warm, autumn smell. I guess I really did need another punkin!
  14. It's a miracle . . . This was the FIRST coffee scent I've ever tried that didn't turn burnt and bitter. (We're not talking French roast here--we're talking scorched-in-the-blackened-pot nastiness!) I wouldn't have ordered it on my own; I've tried coffee scents from three different etailers, and I figured that it just wasn't meant to be. Sugared Coffee, however, is a perfectly sweet, warm comfort smell. I can't wait to experiment with the layering for this one!
  15. Santa Carla . . . A lot has been made of the leather in this one; if somebody who tries it is turned off, I've noticed, they usually mention that note. At the very first I doubted it too--that leather did seem pretty sharp--but then I tried wearing it alone for a whole day. The more astringent note softened within minutes, and the fragrance itself really did last the whole day. Since then, I have decided this is one of my very favorite Love Potions. I can't say that it works any magic on my boyfriend, like Raven Moon or Scandalous Intentions, and I can't say it makes random strangers stop on the sidewalk and ask "What smells so good?!" (That last one was Nectar du Printemps, actually!) This is one I wear for me. The leather note makes me feel confident and self-assured, while the sweetness of the cotton candy is just an immediate mood lifter. I love this scent--it's turned out to be the winner of the summer for me. Happy, confident, summery. I'm going to need a bottle of this one. Possibly a drum!
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