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  1. Do you all notice a difference when you have thepheros mixed in rathethan layering them on top of each other?
  2. Thanks so much to all of you for your great advice! I'm certainly going to run all of the options by her. BTW, our friend was talking to both of us today and she suggested that it would be funny if we created a "Being John Malkovich" scene in which my sis would have a sexy man attractant on one side of her body where she is facing the guy, and a female attractant on the other side of her body where she is closest to the girl - that way they'de both be more into her than each other. LOL! Hilarious, but mys ister wonders if this can be done. I think she will be sacrificing a certain aspect of what she wants when she mixes a female attractant in the mix, right? For instance, perhaps by putting on the G2 she will be more masculine (?) than she wants to acheive by wearing EST. Any thoughts? P.S. It's so wonderful to have all of your blessings. My family is so fortunate to be coming out of this tunnel towards the light and we take every good wish as the greatest gift of all. So when you give me your congrats, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity. You girls all have my love.
  3. Hi, It's been a long time since I posted here. A lot has happened. One family member was diagnosed with cancer at the beginnng of the year and thankfully they are now on their way to a full recovery and being cured. My sister and I usually go to a certain Christmas party every year and someone my sister had a competition/flirtation (you know those) is going to be there. Only this time, he is bringing a girlfriend. It seems he's going to really want to show off that someone would actually consider mating with him. Last year, my sis wore some pheros and it didn't work out too well (she wore a heavy dose of cops) and it backfired. He basically said she's too intimidating and that she's all the more intimidating "'cus she's got boobs!" (yeah, WTF!). So she wants me to ask you lovelies what she should wear. This is what she wants: To be sexy (of course. Even in front of the good Lord this is a must for us!), and popular. She wants to be the star of the show, for everyone to feel they need to be close to her. And, she wants people to feel very protective of her in case he gets obnoxious. I was thinking BAM! and/or LAM, w/ Popularity, and Cuddle Bunny, and Soul Mates and/or TH. Too much? What should I break it down to?
  4. This is great advice, ladies. Thank you for informing me that I could overdo, and therefore even nix the results I'm looking for. So glad to hear I don't have to break the bank just yet by ordering 3x in each formulation. Yay!
  5. I know you phero gurus can help me on this one: I don't know whether to just go for the gold and get the strongest Leather (in 3x), or if I should be happy with the regular strength Beta I am expecting to receive this week. Also, I'de like to know what strength you reccommend in each of the following as well: 1. LAM 2. Lace I'm 28, so I think I am naturally well-supplied in cops. But I definitely wanna amp up the sexiness (Like, who doesn't? Duh.).
  6. I love how patchoulli is barely detectable. I usually gag on patchoulli.
  7. I used to wear a perfume named Quelques Fleurs, which is a trademark scent of the oldest commercial perfumer, Houbigant, who was Marie Antoinette's personal perfumer. It's still on the market today in high-end stores. I always got so many compliments on it and men randomly thanked me for smelling so good. Dark Seductions smells a lot like it and less chemical-like. Beautiful. Very sophisticated.
  8. I haven't gotten my notice yet. I ordered on Dec. 31st. Do any of you know when I should expect to get a notice? I didn't get anything custom, but I got Pheromones.
  9. Hi, I'm debating between getting the straight EST spray or Heart and Soul. I want men to be very chilvalrous toward me and I also want to be the "star" in the room. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh, and sorry if you get asked this all the time but what are the advantages to all alcohol or the alcohol mix?
  10. Hi, Just wanted to bump this so I could get more reviews on Lace.
  11. Thanks so much, ladies. You really help me put this whole thing into perspective. I think I was disappointed by the fact that he and I didn't have that special intimate talk and get down to dating. But I guess it's a good thing to hear how and why I intimidate him. I think I will add some EST in the future as I felt I wanted nuturing at that moment. I think I'll also try Lace.
  12. This weekend I was invited to a holiday party. The minute I walked in I was the belle of the ball. Women and men rushed to greet me and immediately wanted to befriend me. I was really keyed up b/c I knew that there was a guy there who I had a *history* with. It's one of those things where we befriend each other online, but it's really touch and go and we each don't really approach the other too much. Anyway, toward the end of the evening, a bunch of us were sitting down outside at a table. Over there were 3 guys: the one I had a history w/, a great married friend, and another platonic friend. The married platonic friend started talking to me about how I used to intimidate him when he first met me. This caught me off-guard since I wanted to be very inviting so that my target guy would feel open to talk to me. Then they both started saying how I was very intimidating. This was not going how I wanted it to. I felt more tense b/c I wanted to undo that. But my target kept going on about how I seem so intimadating and agreeing w/ how the married guy described me as "vigilant". I asked why they would ever think that, and my target said, "B/c you have boobs!!" I was shocked. OMG. I didn't know what to think. And I said that I'm not scary, then my target said, "Oh yeah, there's nothing intimidating about a beautiful woman. Yeah, guys never find that scary." Soon after, my target had to rush out of the place. I don't know what to think. I somehow felt ganged up on and the night didn't go really the way I wanted. Any thoughts?
  13. You're getting everything you've ordered. They're putting them all together. I know because I've had that happen all the time. I'm so jealous! I wonder when the next shipment is going out. *Update* I just received my shipment notifier. Mine is going out today!
  14. Oh the sadness! I never got any shipment notification email.
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