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  1. I’ve had the same wonderful reactions from gotcha recently, it didnt work for me initially I had a bad reaction until I found the sweet spot of just 1 spray. I agree with Dolly about Treasured Hearts, its really wonderful. Treasured Hearts and Gotcha together on different points, it works brilliantly get TH boosted with cops to make it even more magnetic.
  2. I love the compromising positions, it really smells good, the vanilla base makes it good for layering/mixing.
  3. I really like LP Pink and original best for scents but a large part of how something smells on you is dependent on your chemistry. I haven’t spelled Juicy Lucy but a lot of times LPs get better with age. I can wear LP Red after it’s been sitting awhile it smells beautiful on, otherwise I mix it with the original LP to get the scent I’m looking for. Have you tried Beth’s Blushing I mix together everything your not supposed to...lol. Lp original is very sensual, romanctic and a great cover scent for pheromones and mixes well. The Occo line is really neat way t
  4. I really like LP Pink and LP original best for scents but a large part of how something smells on you is dependent on your chemistry. I haven’t tried Juicy Lucy but a lot of times LPs get better with age. I can wear LP Red after it’s been sitting awhile it smells beautiful on, otherwise I mix it with the original LP to get the scent I’m looking for. Have you tried Beth’s Blushing milkmaid? It’s a beautiful
  5. Reading thru this thread just now I want to add some guys especially the prudish types do better with bonding blends like heart & soul, gotcha, perfect match it makes them feel more manly. If your man has and est aversion (some of them do) stick with perfect match and if hes a bible boy, go no or low cops. But if your target likes the sexy ones than I would try BI in oil, it is very sexual but there is a strong emotional pull to it that’s hard to put into words, it gets my man physically salivating and seems to work quite effectively.. Compromising positions works better on me
  6. I haven’t smelled all of these but I find LP original, Caramel Musk and NOCO white all as beautiful and simple LPs. I think a lot of ladies really like pure sugar for layering.
  7. KrazyKat

    Caramel Musk

    I love this scent. It covers even the stinkiest of pheros without a 2nd sniff, yet still smells like a nice expensive skin musk. This is probably my most complimented LP, and it’s always when I’m wearing my “boosted” Caramel Musk blends when the compliments are coming in, even from the ladies
  8. Whatever you get make sure to add cops. That will keep him addicted to you. He’ll be back into you in no time...you want to get into his subconscious mind, with continued influence, he will be reattached to you.
  9. This is so nice...I really didn't care for it when I first applied it but after 10 minutes it turns into a comforting creamy vanilla pudding w hints of cinnamon. I think this could layer with just about anything though this lp is all about the creamy, sexy drydown,
  10. I absolutely adore this scent, it's so beautiful. By far my favorite phero enhanced scent even better than careless breeze. It's just perfect, I would wear this without the pheros! It's like a big creamy grown up milkshake! I hope this becomes a permanent, it's just soooo good!
  11. Finally had a chance to sample this...My nose is reminded of unsweetened twizzlers with an undercurrent of boozy, very different and I could see this going very, very sexy with the right chemistry.
  12. Thanks Cheeseburger, Ive not tried Domino, but I'm so intrigued by this one! I ❤️ licorice blends, and the creamy sounds right up my alley sexy. I may just take the plunge FB,
  13. Does Blanc et Noir resemble black candy in any way? That was quite a spectacular blend.
  14. LFM favors with the women, LFN favors men, H & S a close second both females and males. Cops work on both my partners and the cash and gifts multiply with time and prolonged, repeat exposure
  15. Absolutely gorgeous cherry scent. Perfect combination of edible and classy thats not too sweet. So sad its discontinued.
  16. Hi StacyK, I appy 3-4 sprays of the 100% alcohol formulation. I also had a terrible time with BI before. I don't know why this particular formulation really cuts out the crazy self reactions to none I was having before with BI, and it hits well! I also wear LFN in spray quite a bit, perhaps my tolerance to none has increased.
  17. Ive never been a big fan of BI only because of the medusa invoking selfies but something had me get the spray on a whim and Im sure glad I did. The scent is soft and very beautiful, I mean extraordinarily beautiful, lots of compliments. The none doesn't seem to have a negative affect on me either. It feels toned down, but it hits hard.
  18. Hi Rose, Im interested in a Tarot reading but I dont have a facebook acount. Is there any way to get in touch with you? Thanks, Krazykat

  19. Ive finally figured out how to wear this. My main man is still not responsive to this phero, but my side-piece... he loves it! I figured out its the alpha t-dhoc. It seems to be quite strong and sedating on me with this blend. I have to spray 1 long spray and run thru it. I still go quite heavy with the cops as I'm no spring chicken. I tried the LFM/Gotcha Combo above and I felt stoned, I think that the different alpha and beta t-doc don't do well together with these 2 blends, at least on me. Everyone around me went glazy as well, I did get the dihls I think its because I was spacing people ou
  20. Im normally a fan of LFN or SS4W for sexytime but I have been experimenting with Bang for several days. My man who normally loves Est seems to not respond sexually to this blend which is rather shocking to me. I have been receiving ALOT of hits from others both women and men but more adoring as opposed to the sexy SS4W. Must be my skin chemistry. I love how this FEELS though its really calming and sexy, I cant explain it. Doesn't get my man aroused we were kissing last night and he started to fall asleep..lol. While we where sleeping he was cuddling and squeezing me so hard I couldn't breathe
  21. Yes, thanks StacyK. When I changed over to this, I didn't notice reactions right away but then people especially men and attractive men would remember things about me that I didn't. I haven't posted all my hits since switching over because I don't have a journal. My sweety is noticeably more in love and hornier at sexy time. Its got the pull of BI, but its higher value. I would say its as attracting, if not more as SS4W socially but a bit more serious there is a selective factor. I consider LFN the Louis Vuitton of my phero collection..lol! Upside is the none in this only causes ag
  22. Ive graduated to the alcohol spray with this one. Im shocked to see how much harder the affects are. I was wearing LFM with LFN in oil before. Last night I was sitting at a restaurant bar waiting for my sweety and the bartender told me that I shouldn't be sitting alone, that Im far too sexy..lol! Men cannot leave me alone when Im wearing this. SS4W does something similar but attracts younger guys hitting on me more of a hyper mix, slightly impressionable, LFN really seems to leave a deep and unusual impression on people where they cannot forget you. This blend is really intoxicatin
  23. Stacy, I wholeheartedly agree. It seems like guys who are super "picky" as to HOW THEY want their woman to dress, behave, etc. usually are the usually most insecure. Due to the large numbers of women in New York you find this kind of behavior in abundance, pick up artist, game-player mentality of losers treating women with contempt, unfairly rating them, criticizing them, falling in and out of relationships etc, none-comital metrosexuals, this city is FULL of them. I know many beautiful, educated, classy women who end up becoming the only or main breadwinner in their relationship prey to this
  24. I like your thinking Stacy! Expanding on this.. its really about how we want to be treated.. my guy likes a softer ESTY vibe, prefers betanol to alphanol, gets annoyed with overly dominant signatures though he does like a little bit bossy (think LFN or LFM type bossy) gets annoyed with loud types (cant stand too much alphanol) and type A females (leather, tal, dom...) don't do it for him. So basically my introverted, soft hearted, SLIGHTLY bossy personality is his cup of tea so he does respond well to the blends I influence him with and I wouldn't have it any other way. My betamale brother PRE
  25. I don't want to derail this H & S thread but that sounds like an EXCELLENT combo. I hadn't thought of layering those. Great idea Hearts!
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