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  1. So how do I know how much to apply? So far I rolled some on my finger tip and then applied behind my ears, and some on my wrists, and then some on my front on my throats i hit all my pulse points. My question is how do i know if i applied enough? I do not want to waste it. But i also want to make sure I use enough? I never used a roll on applicator before only a spray so not sure also out of curiosity does anyone know how much nols are there in the entire bottle of 10ml? Any tips? Thanks
  2. HI all, I place my first order for True Confessions last monday 3/16 for True Confessions I was just curious since mine is not a custom order or anything was hoping maybe it would get here a bit faster then 2 weeks or at least ship before two weeks if at all possible? Is there a way to tell when it might get ship? I never got any notification that it has shipped yet? Is this normal? Thanks
  3. I know it been a while but I ran into some financial problems. Anyway...I just placed an order for True confessions and looking forward to testing it out and cannot wait!
  4. too hard to choose LOL i think I am going to go with True Confessions the reason being is it sounds like Super Sexy 4 men is not coming back and not sure how many bottles you have left. I am not sure if I should get something and fall in love with it and then not be able to get anymore. Out of curiosity do you know how many bottles you have? Also True Confessions just sounds like it is a lot of fun. It sounds like it will pair great with my NPA and then later I might order Wanted One last question is there a way to get faster shipping? How long does it take to get to N
  5. hmm i think I am tempted to go for both true Confessions and Super Sexy for men they both sound great, especially reading the reviews for True confessions!
  6. one last question if I get super sexy 4 men should I also add say something else with high NOLS? or you think Super Sexy 4 men has enough nols in it? I guess is Super Sexy 4 men an all in one product?
  7. I usually do not get self-effects from pheros or never have that I recall, for example one phero that I use regularly is NPA and I have to be real careful because if i use to much i can OD and women will just ignore me like a ghosting effect. I guess that is sort of what I meant by OD. I was not sure if that can happen with Super Sexy 4 men. Thanks
  8. Thanks all for the welcome I am mainly looking for products to attract women and flirt with and pick up like at bars and other venues. With the roll on applicators I would assume I would put it on my usual pulse points like I do in the past, my neck, wrists, ears, but I guess I have to be careful not to roll on too much so i do not OD? Can you OD on super Sexy for men?
  9. Hi all, I found your site by accident, I have been a user of pheros for probably about a year from different sites, not sure if I can say them so I will not. I have noticed most people posting here are females which is great I love females LOL...but was hoping to see more reviews from men One of the options i am really interested in is the unscented pheros, mainly because I already have my own set of colognes a huge collection that I use. Who knows maybe down the road I will try some of your own blends but for now I am really attracted to the unscented pheros using with my own p
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