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  1. Hey djac My bottle of Hotter Than Hell is on its way to, along with Sorceress, oh yea that label is something ant it, makes you think there's a little wicked fun to be had doesn't it! I like anything with cops EW in it especially BI CB and Sexology and I'm getting good results to and I'm able to cover it nicely, but I have to be careful wearing anything with cops in it around my friend SI, because he turns into a flurtacious Wolf with one to many hands and he has never ever acted like that before so I know its got to be the cops, because he has always respected the boundary lines of fr
  2. Thank you for such a warm WELCOME! I don't have Shady Lady yet, but I'm thinking about Hotter Than Hell and maybe have it amped up with a bit of Est and then just put on some EW with it... But not sure if I should add anything to it, because it could change the scent to much.... ~CherryRose~
  3. I received a sample of Sorceress with my last order and oh wow do I love it! It has good staying power to, I can apply it in the morning after my shower and its still there the next morning and it mellows down really well on my skin to and by late evening Sorceress is still working by putting out a sweet sensual sexy scent, love it and my friend Si, well he really likes this one to, I can't ware BI, CB or EW around him because he really gets strongly affected by them, so Sorceress is perfect to wear around him and I love it.....
  4. I just got my first package of goodies this saturday and I must say I lOVE everything! Had a stay home date with Guy Friend that night so I put on BI and covered with my sample of Sexology, He couldn't keep his nose away from my neck all night, every few minutes he would nuzzle my neck and make a low "mmmmmmm" sound right next to my ear!!! He said I smelled like Wild Honey! Thank You "LP"... I just now ordered a big bottle of Sexology, along with more Goodies!!
  5. I'm "So Sorry" for the delay in thanking all of you for your replies, I wasn't being rude its just right after I placed my order my modem died and I couldn't get back on until today! I've never had to replace a modem before and I only had so much extra cash to spend this month, so i decided to have a guy friend who's good with computer's come over and fix it today instead of taking it to the shop. He fixes my computer, I fix him Dinner...... I was being greedy, I wanted that money to spend on more LP Goodies! I ordered: EW, BI, TH Thanks All
  6. Hi all! I've finally decided to place an order for 3 items, one will definitely be BLATANT INVITATION thanks to reading about Dollys Adventures!!!!, but I also like the sound of Cuddle Bunny and Phero Girl. Whats the difference between them is one better than the other? I know all of them have cops but I'm also interested in a very good, "I want to talk you, I want to get to know you" communication vibe along with a strong sexual vibe, I was thinking maybe TRUE CONFESSIONS or TREASURED HEARTS? And whats the difference between these two? And also is it OK after waring and get
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