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  1. Hey there! Not gonna mention names, eh? Enabling is fun!! You're gonna be SO hooked once your order arrives, yay!!
  2. This is stunning!! In the vial it's almost boozy with hints of sweetness. Once it hits the skin the sugars come to the forefront and there's a lovely, incensey-resiny thing going on which keeps it from being overly girlish. Great throw and lasts all day and as time wears on a lovely marshmallow makes it's way through. Beautifully done! I'm definitely going to have to stock up on this! It's also joined the ranks of a small handful of oils that prompt a "Mmm!!! You smell YUMMY!" from Hubby without my having to first ask him what he thinks.
  3. Hi everyone! LOVE these perfumes!! Discovered LP via the BPAL forum(if I remember correctly), over a year ago and I've been hooked since. So far everything I've tried is absolutely lovely-I'm definitely hooked I'm a Leo(and all that that implies), I live in west Texas with my love where we share our home with four Pharaoh Hounds(Anubis in the flesh), a Chihuahua, and more recently added, two, weeks old found-in-a-dumpster kittens. Never a dull moment around here. I've been selling(and buying!), online for quite a few years. Mostly coffins/coffin decor-from bookcases to apothecary coffi
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