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  1. I- -just had to say that cuddle bunny 2009 is WOW!!!... I am so picky about fragrance and am a fragrance freak who tends to go for sweet creamy vanillaish sents but I am now in love !
  2. Thanks ev1 ! lol..I am so excited to try it I figure on the off chance I should be allergic I will pop some allergy meds LOL!
  3. Sorry I guess I should be more clear.. I'm not allergic to bee stings just like after grass has been cut or when the trees bloom I sneeze and have itchy watery and sometimes burning eyes..that type of thing... THANK GOD iI'm not allergic to bee stings thow cause last summer a bee flew in my drink and stung my mouth!..
  4. well No one answered me so I ordered it..keeping my fingers and toes crossed I can use it!
  5. Ok so I have Really bad seasonal allergys so I was wondering if the organic Bee Pollen would cause allergys for someone like me..?
  6. aww.. I hope they do rebrews of BI and Super sexy.. I wanted to get those to try.. I also plan on purchasing here in the very near future I just have a gift card for amazon and wanted to use it there for here as well....
  7. Will Love Potion sell any more of the "Unavailable" pheromone blends on Amazon ?.. OH an "HI EVERYONE!!" I'm new to the board.. Oh an sorry for any spelling errors I'm blonde, an on pain killers..what do ya want?
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