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  1. Is there a purple left? If so, I'll take it! Thanks!
  2. Sorceress...I know, I sound like a broken record...
  3. Mara, May I please order the following sets: (if they are still available, of course!) Iced Gingerbread Love Potion Original Love Potionion Original w/ OW Spa Mint w/Focus Floral Romance w/TH Summer Love w/AA I also want to order some more LP's, should I wait til you invoice me for the melts or just go ahead & order? Thanks! HMMB19
  4. I think you might be right with the CTM being too light for the EOW. I have a Beta test of CTM with EOW added & I wish I had chosen something different to add the EOW to! It will probably make its way to my trades soon...
  5. I had an "Amah" until I was 4, when we moved back to the States. We had cooks, a driver, maids, etc...I think it is quite different when it comes to domestic help in China. For one thing, its affordable over there. I loved my "Amah," & remember how sad I was to leave her when we had to move...one of my mother's favorite stories regarding how my "Amah" spoiled me was that any time I was given candy, or some other forbidden treat, I would say in a conspiratorial voice, "Don't tell Missy" ("Missy" being the title the domestic help had for my mother). I also used to imitate my "Amah," who had a friend who worked for the people next door. Every day my "Amah" would gossip over the wall between our houses with her friend next door. I would imitate her by standing on a wooden box & talking nonsensical Chinese to various random walls in our house, & wondering why the walls never talked back ....Anyhoo, I think I turned out allright...at least I no longer speak to walls in Chinese & can be given a treat without whispering "Don't tell Missy!"
  6. If you can't simmer down, I'll pull this blog over, young lady!!!!!
  7. I have a bottle, although I love it, I would trade it for something from my most wanted... I've swiped it once on the back of one hand, so the bottle is full & it is lovely! Bravo Tyvey!
  8. I got an email. I think it said something like Mara Fox sent you a package... I got the email on Monday & received my package yesterday (Thursday).
  9. hmmb19

    Top Five

    1. Sorceress (Big Surprize!) 2. Carpe Noctum 3. Native Soil 4. Shadow Dance 5. Captivation Equation
  10. I have a bottle of Native Soil...I'd trade it for one of my faves...like, hmmm, let me think... SORCERESS!!!!!
  11. I know, I know...no ingredients to rebrew Sorceress...I'm still putting my vote in & begging for a miracle! Puh-lEEEEze rebrew Sorceress!!!! I'm begging!!!!! Purdy PUH-LEEEEEEZE! SOR-CER-ESS! SOR-CER-ESS! SOR-CER-ESS! SOR-CER-ESS! SOR-CER-ESS!
  12. ME, ME, ME!!! Can I get it enhanced with a phero? If so, any recomendations on which phero you think would go well w/the Synchronicity Scent? How would it be as a Beta test Spray? Thanks, HMMB19
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