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  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Love the label blurbs.
  2. I got my order w/ the boosted Belladonna & it smells great. Thnx 4 all the great samples. Especially breaking the ceiling we've got a new girl @ work I'm training. I can tell she's got a dominant personality. So now I've got 2 breaking the ceiling samples. How did you know I'd need those, lol. Anyway, I placed a second order w/ Money Honey, Thief of Hearts, & unscented pop. potion. I got a stamps notification that my order was being shipped, so I'm excited!!! However, djac was saying something about pop. being OOS? Am I still getting it?
  3. I do have to say THANK HEAVEN for this forum! All you ladies r wonderful! It's nice to have a safe place to talk about your problems. I try not to dwell on them, what w/ the law of attraction&all. Sometimes you just have to vent tho. I just can't stand the thought of my friends gossiping about my relationship! All of you are wonderful & isn't it great you can make friends w/ other LP addicts such as ourselves. No way I'm sharin w/ my local friends
  4. You can try Nordic Naturals fish oil. When I kicked meth I had huge panic attacks. My fav. nutritionist Doug Kauffman talked about this supp. on his show. The official study using this brand showed that taking the fish oil helped to calm anxiety, nervousness & other things that go along w/ being a former druggie. I use the prenatal formula (not prego just have a hard time taking new stuff). You can get it @ IHerb.com & I have a code for $5 off your 1st order if you're interested. All the meth & x I used to do must have done a number on my serotinin levels! For a while I couldn't even drink iced tea w/out freakin out. Thank the lord for that info I got on the fish oil, I'm functioning better than I have in years.
  5. Is it just me or does fairy dust smell like 80s lipgloss, lol.
  6. Thnx 4 the advise. He keeps his hands to himself. Basically we both work nights. So if he goes over to a friends, or whatever it's normal for him to be gone till 8am(we're usually awake till then). I was out till 6 & he freaked. He kicked me outta the house( till he went to work, ha!). I have the great low drape tops& this really cool bra that you can wear w/ them. So I did have one of those on, however I was promised a boobjob after the baby. So I don't think the tops should be that big a deal. Alas, first UPS fell thru& then the recession...I digress. We've talked about it like normal people(minus pheros) & he's apologized. With his test. levels I'll just have to tread lightly w/ those. I'm really curious about that research mentioned in my other thread& why it's not allowed to be published, hmm.
  7. So, the pheros may amp his test. levels is what you're saying. Which is very interesting to me, because he is a power lifter. He takes a pantry full of supplements to keep to his regime @ the gym. They worry me because some of them are so similiar to steriods. I know some of you ladies may know that some of these sups. get pulled after 2 or so years( when the FDA gets 2 them). The other thread about the erox brand phero maybe depressing men, makes even more sense now. Especially, since you have just helped me link his test levels to his phero reaction. We always used to get into when I wore that brand. He does have a really strong reaction to these ones, also. Usually it's positive. I think subcon. he may relate to me @ property( he's a taurus). So pheros + test+night out solo= huge fight later! I really appreciate all the advice on this thread. And I think I will experiment w/ Teddy Man for him& MayDay laced body lotion+bottle for me. My goodies are almost here, so I can see if the mayday works out for me here in a couple days.
  8. Thankyou. I'm just lucky I'm too materialistic to stay hooked on something that leaves me nothing to show for my money. Now LP is gonna be much harder to kick
  9. Okay, I'm obsessed with LP pheros( & now everyone in towns obsessed w/ me *evil grin*). However my man is starting to lose his motherflippin' mind w/ jealousy. We've been married 41/2 yrs., this is the first year I've been hot again. Kicked meth after we got married( cold turkey, who can afford rehab), anyway I gained 25 lbs. which is huge on my 4'11" frame. So I've really got to have something to calm him, cuz I'm not kickin my LP habit 2!!!( I mean how many things in life are this awesome that won't kill you?!!!) So I was thinking of ordering him tranquility potion( with an extra label that says supersexy, so he'll wear it.) Men will do anything for some tail. Would that work? Can I even do that? Or do you lovelies have any suggestions?
  10. Smell good, be popular, & beloved of your beloved ( or anyone elses *evil grin*)
  11. Hi, welcome. You should go Wildflower. It's great for having a good time @ parties. I noticed that both men & women want your attention, & no one gets grumpy: )
  12. Ramen's cheap here in MO, I'll make sure you guys don't starve feeding your LP addiction : )
  13. I hope you trade me! It's gettin 2 be that time o' month...last month I told my ten year old 2 go to hell( I felt aweful!) I used to take seraphem ( souped up przac). Thank heaven I found YL. The essential oils don't stay w/o a fixative, tho. My sample of mayday is comin...
  14. Thanks 4 that info. I'm still really confused why that girl was tryin 2 make out w/ me. Maybe she's a Scorpio, lol.
  15. Yeah, I'm stayin away from that one! My man got downright violent. Normally he just gets bitchy w/me when he's jealous about guys hittin on me( because it's my fault, lol).
  16. Ok so I went out for my husbands B-Day...I layered the happy water( 1st @ dinner), then girl-girl& popularity potion. I also sprayed my Erox pheros in my hair. The night was full of fun and games for me ( as always when I wear LP). However, I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone! This girl that almost beat me up once was trying to make out w/ me! My poor husband almost got into a fight. Since my hubby is 6'5"& 300lbs(weightlifter), I felt sorry for the other guy and joked them out of the fight. I had an Erox brand phero on him( I think it contains Androstonal), & I combined that Boheme( Mens) I thought that would offset the andro. Did I just O.D. on pheros ( I think I have a fair amount naturally anyway)? I know the andro. can make guys testy. On the other hand girls were all really nice and friendly to me(even the ones not trying to make out). I really wasn't trying to be a chemical tease, I just wanted 2 be the 'belle of the ball'.
  17. Yeah, he thinks its for his b-day (evil grin). Maybe it's not something I'd normally do....but that doesn't mean it isn't all about me anyway,lol I get to set the groundrules of course!
  18. I'm pretty lucky no crows feet, bags, or dark circles yet. Mainly, the nasolabial. Which i cannot cover with bangs(argh)! I have had some success w/ using fusion m-tox,smashbox hybrid(over that), bareminerals, and then finish w/ luminess airbrush(gets me 21& carded). However I thought the cougar would be awesome to give it that hollywood magic finish, so thanx 4 the advice. Maybe it'll shave some finish time offa my prep time. I know this is offtopic however I have facial scars from a dog-bite when I was 3, not that bad(think Blonde Tina Fey) Would it help w/that(Restlyne)
  19. I'm 28, I get away with telling people I'm 25. However, I have some premature aging from when I used to tan & party. It makes me really paranoid about my skin sometimes. I've thought about saving up for Restyline, but I'm scared of needles. Do you think the cougar would be right for me?
  20. I got a sample of the pherogirl, and my husband's a weightlifter. I dabbed it on, and it didn't take long before he dropped what he was doin& followed me 2 the bedroom. The more testosterone they're packin the funnier the reaction,lol.
  21. Do you have any tips on the best way my husband, and I can attract someone of your persuasion to join us for his B-Day(5-17) this saturday? I'm more of a trysexual, and thats what he wants for his b-day. Welcome to the forum, I'm new too. Sorry 2 be so forward, I'm just gettin desperate. I don't want anyone thinkin I'm crazy.
  22. I read that thread, I'm excited! I'm definitely getting an it unscented this time. I love Wildflower's effects, but it turns to vomit on my skin! I just cover it with Paris Hilton.
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