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  1. Wow, there's only one remaining bottle now? I just ordered my Skelly Tart yesterday....the cart didn't say sold out...I hope I got it!!!
  2. I just got my bottle today and tested it out. Testing it straight, it was a little too girly/ethereal on me, though I liked the licorice. I had also ordered a bottle of Banishing Moon, (since I used my sample to death), and tried a little of that on the same wrist to see how it blended with the Domino. Domino softens the initial sharpness of the almond in Banishing Moon, and also seems to bring out the lavender a bit more, which is usually a note that is lost on my skin. I really like these two together. It took me a while, but I'm learning that even if something doesn't work on me by itself, it might be great in combination with something else.
  3. Does the "Passion & Desire" label remind anyone else of Buffy and Angel? Ahhh...the mind sees what it wants to see!
  4. What a great report! Work it, girl! I'm glad you're having fun...you are truly an inspiration!!! Everyone's having such fun with the sprays, I'm thinking about trying some myself. Look out, world!
  5. Michele20

    NOX 2009

    The new NOX is one of my favorites. I loved it at first sniff. I had never tried the old version, but was lucky enough to get some in a trade this week. The old version makes me think of something "ancient", like touring old churches or castles. The new one has more berries, and I agree with Robert that it also has a mysterious quality. I can't decide which one I like better....they're both great!
  6. I usually run screaming from cinnamon scents, (I don't have an allergy, just an aversion.) The cinnamon in this is a really nice accent, though. Just a dusting, like you said. The coffee and brown sugar outweigh the cinnamon.
  7. You're not hosed! I have a 30ml bottle of unfragranced TAH that's a little over 1/3 full. The strength is 15mcg/spray, so it's pretty strong. If you're interested I think we can work something out....tradezies???
  8. My three OCCOs came this week...first reactions: OCCO White: Very yummy vanilla. I would say it's in the same family as Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, but they aren't the same scent. I'm always on the lookout for a pure vanilla, and a couple dabs of this and I'm good to go. Also great for layering...I layered a few dabs of this with Southern Gothic 2009 and it was fantastic. OCCO Blue: On me, this was the lightest of the three I tried, and also my fave. It's a soft powdery scent, but it smells like it came from nature rather than the baby powder aisle. I can smell the white and blue sugar now and then. Totally non-floral. I can see wearing this alone. I'll have to experiment to see what it layers well with. OCCO Red: Powerful, creamy cinnamon. An edible scent with great throw. Unfortunately it is not congruent with my personality. At all. I just have to admit I can't do cinnamon scents and move on. This will probably go up on my trading post next week.
  9. I'm beginning to see the wisdom of the sampler pack purchase, especially on a month like this with so many I think I'll like. I went ahead and got the sampler because I've got my eye on a whole bunch including Santa Carla, Equinox 09, Nox, and Sibylia and I know I'll want to sniff the others anyway, lol!
  10. Ok, that makes sense. Thanks Rosebud! I had always assumed they were pretty similar because of the name. Time to break out my bottle of Ail's Open Windows and test it again Last time I tried it, I thought it had a really different feel to it than Treasured Hearts. It must be the epi-'rone!
  11. Ok, I'm a little confused now...The ingredients for Ail's Open Windows say it "contains Alpha-Androstenol, Beta-Androstenol, and Epi-Androsterone." Isn't Epi-Androsterone a form of Androstrone? Or does it give completely different effects? If anyone can clarify this a little more, it would be much appreciated! Thank you :-)
  12. Out of curiosity, which has more androsterone...Ail's Open Windows or Treasured Hearts? Or is it about the same? I'm asking because I like androsterone. Thanks!
  13. @Dolly: LOL! That's funny! But it's a case of mistaken identity...their "Michelle" is not me. I'm glad you mentioned it though! I had no idea there were rumors swirling around about me, hehehe!!!
  14. For real???? I'm a forum member over there (under a different handle), but not a very senior member. I have bought their stuff in the past, but...I'm not in any way affiliated with the company. This year, I've actually bought more stuff from here. I don't go there as often as I used to. Who said I worked for them?
  15. @Mademoiselle: Awww! I don't have any phero mixes to trade right now, but I'm sure someone else will snap it up
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