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  1. My three OCCOs came this week...first reactions: OCCO White: Very yummy vanilla. I would say it's in the same family as Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, but they aren't the same scent. I'm always on the lookout for a pure vanilla, and a couple dabs of this and I'm good to go. Also great for layering...I layered a few dabs of this with Southern Gothic 2009 and it was fantastic. OCCO Blue: On me, this was the lightest of the three I tried, and also my fave. It's a soft powdery scent, but it smells like it came from nature rather than the baby powder aisle. I can smell the white and blue sugar now a
  2. @Dolly: LOL! That's funny! But it's a case of mistaken identity...their "Michelle" is not me. I'm glad you mentioned it though! I had no idea there were rumors swirling around about me, hehehe!!!
  3. For real???? I'm a forum member over there (under a different handle), but not a very senior member. I have bought their stuff in the past, but...I'm not in any way affiliated with the company. This year, I've actually bought more stuff from here. I don't go there as often as I used to. Who said I worked for them?
  4. @Mademoiselle: Awww! I don't have any phero mixes to trade right now, but I'm sure someone else will snap it up
  5. I've been thinking about trying the blue shield OCCO...what kind of scents do you like? I don't have a whole lot, but maybe we can work out a trade
  6. That's a really good point! I think it helps that I didn't get a lot of self-effects from the dominance, so I was my usual self, instead of turning into a warrior-princess (lol!). I'm thinking of maybe getting something boosted with Dominance. If it's in a scent, I'd probably wear it more...Is Sorceress sold out?
  7. Thank you djac! It worked like a charm!! I think I got the balance just right between the Dominance and Treasured hearts (purely by accident!). I didn't come off as intimidating or scary, just authoritative. Yay!!! It's a great mix to have in my arsenal. I can tell I'll be using more of this one.
  8. I bought unscented Dominance a while ago and tried it out a few times, but never really got a handle on how to use it. This weekend I went shopping with a friend and her teenage daughter. The daughter is usually full of attitude and difficult to be around for long periods of time. She usually gets on my last nerve! (I know it's just the age, but seriously!). So....I decided to pull out my bottle of Dominance and see if it had any effect. I applied a few stripes up my forearms and a few dabs on my neck. I also layered it with some Treasured Hearts to take some of the edge off. So we
  9. TherapyGirl, great report! Lately I have been procrastinating, getting sidetracked, daydreaming, etc, (summer does that to me), and it would be great to have a potion to get me focused and motivated again. Did you like the scent?
  10. Has anyone tried Focus Potion yet? I am curious to hear what people think about this one. I have a sample on the way! Ummm...I meant Focus Pocus LOL!!! I guess I need some focus!!!
  11. @esmerelda : I couldn't wait, I went ahead and ordered a bottle. I just love the scent of this one, EOW and all! Like you said, the vanilla/cake batter doesn't cover the cops entirely, but it all works together wonderfully. The cops turn into something slightly spicy/musky on my skin that just goes really nicely with the Milkmaid scent. I'm hoping they decide to keep this one around!
  12. I got a little sample of Blushing Milkmaid with my last order. It smells fantastic! It is really nice and light. I'm hoping the new releases come out soon because I want to pick up a bottle with my next order. I missed out on Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla which I also got a sample of. Looking forward to trying the new vanilla one!!!
  13. Intellectual Woman was one of the first products I bought here. The day after I got it, I had to go to Sam's Club to pick up my new glasses and one of the guys there was kinda cute, so I put some on to see if I got any reactions. (Just a few swipes on my wrists, and one on each side of my neck) Got to Sam's Club...the cute guy wasn't there (typical!). An older (late 40s maybe) guy was there working by himself that day. Last time I went in, he was kind of a jerk, ignoring people and basically giving attitude to everyone. I walked up to the counter and he looked up at me from the other
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