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  1. I'm going to need the Pumpkin Witch and I think Blushing Milkmaid. Good thing I'm babysitting next week.
  2. Is it a heavy floral or a light floral? I don't like heavily floral blends because they give me a headache, but the green floral description sounds like it might possibly work. Better question, any rose? Rose is my note of doom. I can do any note besides rose.
  3. I didn't see a thread for a review of Dreams of Avalon. Can someone review it for me please?
  4. I got a sample of this in my last order and I really hope this is available to buy at some point. It's such a lovely honey with something barely fruity underneath. Lovely. ETA I took a shower and even after the shower, I can still smell this on my wrist. Not much throw, but it was there for about an hour later.
  5. I got a sample of this in my last order. There was definitely something floral about this, even though there's no flowers listed in the notes. It was nice, but not my thing.
  6. gothicangel18


    This does something very, very odd on my skin. In the vial, I smell the chocolate. On me it turns into cleaning solution. It smells exactly like the wet swiffer pads on me
  7. My order came in today. Yay! However, I was missing a bottle of Holle Now I'm sad because I'm pretty sure it's sold out. I love my custom sugar though Gothicangel's Gothic Latte. Best name ever and it smells soo good. Coffeemama, Gothic Latte is my custom and it's coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar
  8. I have a question on Blood Martini. It's tempting me, but florals tend to give me a headache. So I want to know if the florals are really heavy florals or if they are in the background of the scent. Thanks.
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome And the dancing bananas, those are highly amusing.
  10. I definitely need a bottle of Baby Drac's Teething Formula. Maybe Pithivier, but the violet scares me. So that is a sample first. And the Sweetly Smutty Lusty Musky might also find it's way into my cart. Good thing I have a lot of hours this week and am possibly getting my grades, which, if I did as well as I think I did, would probably get me enough for a bottle.
  11. I need some of the Baby Drac's teething formula. I love pumpkin. And there's a few others I need a sample of as well, but that one has my name written all over it.
  12. gothicangel18


    I'm really bad at introductions, but hi, I'm new here. My name is Sharon. I kind of stumbled across love potion's on bpal.org and it's kind of started to be an addiction. I noticed a lot of BPALs don't work for my skin, so I decided to try love potions and well...let's just say I've ordered a few bottles since then I figured I'd introduce myself before posting anywhere
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