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  1. Delicious chocolate smell almost like a tootsie roll with a sweet nutty flavor. Smells like in the bottle only sweeter on me. Very rich and deep.
  2. There went my water all over my keyboard from reading your answer TherapyGirl! Thank you very much.
  3. Ah I've had one of those before, never thought about using scent with them, do you just put the smallest drop of the scent you want and let it dry? And how do you clean them?
  4. I'm curious as to how you ladies do dry down. Do you put on all your different mones at once and let them all dry together or do you put on each one and wait 5-10 mins before applying the next one?
  5. I was smelling all my lovelies and got a few drops on my finger which i wiped on my wrist and it smells yummy but I can't remember which ones it was:( i think I may need to start a scent diary. Try all different ones and combos and write down how they smell on me through out the day and how the blend with other scents and mones. I"ll also add all my mone reactions too. This way I wont forget.
  6. And everything is wonderful. It came beautifully packaged in a pink satchel with so many wonderful smelling samples, although, I fear they will be a double edged sword because now there are so many things i want to buy for my next order! I am very impressed and will report back after I get a few phero trials going.
  7. I was wondering about the Primal Instinct for her. I use it to balance out my reactions with other women when I'm wearing copulins. It always seems to make those around me very friendly. Primal is suppose to have 11 mgs or 11000mcg of nol which is a lot more than the Woozy but I have never felt any self effects from the Primal and have not tried the Woozy. Maybe Woozy is in a better carrier or Primal has a lesser quality of nol? After reading some of the posts on Woozy I tempted to try it but afraid it won't affect me based on my Primal responses.
  8. any idea of a good ratio to mix this with other pheromones and/or perfume?
  9. I was wondering if there is a list anywhere of what the different pheromones are suppose to do. I know some of them, like alpha-androstenol is suppose to induce that friendly chattiness, as well as make the wearer project youth and vigor. A lot of the names sound alike though and some of them I haven't been able to find any info on. Thanks much
  10. Thank you I have not got to try any products yet- The express pony must be lame! But I'm anxiously awaiting my order, I got Popularity, Blatant Invitation, Heart & Soul, and Phero Girl. Grrr I'm so excited I hope they come soooooon.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have had such fun reading through this forum, so many wonderful responses, and hits. I live in CT USA with my husband and have had great success with LoveScent pheros. I came across your site and after seeing all the success posts and pheromone ingredients in your products that aren't available in Lovescent's, I've decided to try your love juice too! I'm also glad to see a site dedicated to women and not completely catering to male research and products. I can't wait to talk with some of you and learn more, so that the mones result in moans.
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