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  1. Trying to stick to budget!!! Bottles of: LP Silver OCCO White sample LP:Autumnal Equinox 2011
  2. Welcome to your newest addiction Sylah
  3. Any chance of this making a return????
  4. I second that!! Reminds me of the posters my older sisters hung in our room!!! They all look great Edit to say..it's def a sampler month!! I know and love all the songs!
  5. LOL Liz....me too!!!!! Im a Beth-Ann, my mom used to call me Lizzytish when I was little!!!
  6. FAWN

    Belle de Menthe

    Thanks Luna, I will try again. I love it in the bottle and really want it to work!!!
  7. FAWN

    Belle de Menthe

    I was really enjoying this one till Mr. Picky nose asked what's that soapy smell? Good Soap or Cheap Soap? I asked. Cheap Soap he said!!!! I think it's me amping something again. I will try again & see if I get the same reaction.
  8. These two have my name written all over them.. a mint Ho who loves the limelight
  9. FAWN


    I know this isn't one of Mara's magical brews, but I am really liking it!!! It's perfect for work, classy w/o being "Old Ladyish"..I think a full bottle is on the horizon
  10. You are correct grasshopper...he was not home is the answer
  11. Just got my package!!! This is the first one I am trying. It IS BEBEH Soft & sweet, I like it so far, will update after drydown. Edit: after drydown... soft vanilla & lavender...beautiful!
  12. waiting for sample pack to arrive. Sounds like a full bottle...I luz BEBIES
  13. Great Idea!!!! Edit to say, it's now 10pm, it's still there, very faint creamy mocha...lovely
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