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  1. Trying to stick to budget!!! Bottles of: LP Silver OCCO White sample LP:Autumnal Equinox 2011
  2. Any chance of this making a return????
  3. You are correct grasshopper...he was not home is the answer
  4. Just got my package!!! This is the first one I am trying. It IS BEBEH Soft & sweet, I like it so far, will update after drydown. Edit: after drydown... soft vanilla & lavender...beautiful!
  5. waiting for sample pack to arrive. Sounds like a full bottle...I luz BEBIES
  6. Spa Mint w/ Focus Potion LP Original I forgot I had these in my fridge! Just ran to burner, have solid spa mint from last session..still smells minty upclose..will see if it has any throw left after it melts. 3mos later...Perfect weekend to use melts...fireman hubby is away
  7. I LOVE OW...it's part of my daily arsenal...I have a couple of beta's w/ scents in them..I need to order more!
  8. Due to my recent B Day...Im waaaay past princess, But I refuse to admit defeat!!
  9. Lady V...I thought you PE was sold out!!!! Can I order one? I would have included it in my order Bottles: Tiare Tiara (we all are princesses inside) Girly Twirly Lady Frost
  10. I had a very unreal experience today & need everyone's input please! I had three Doctors breakdown sobbing in court today. Granted it was a very sad trial, but in the 4 years Ive been a court clerk, I have NEVER seen a Doctor Cry!. The whole court staff was remarking how this is week two of the trial & today was a 1st time anyone has cried. I said it was MR happening,(had to explain that) they said maybe it's you! (they have all smelled my wonderful LP's) I was sitting next to the Doctors, wearing Bianca's PE, rolled (slathered) on pulse points. A Big Beta Sprays of Bianca'
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