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    A good time, a good book, a good song, and good people. <br /> I'm an artist (well, cartoonist, in the occupational sense, but Fine Arts artist in the true passion sense), and a musician--so yes I love all things artsy-fartsy---and life! I also love old movies....chocolate...and champagne. mmmm
  1. Oooo I love sweet smells! I think I'll try this one out!
  2. Hey same here, just bought a few things to start out, and bam***must get me some more goods***I never would of thought to buy something called Goblin Goo, but I loooved the tester they sent lol so now I think I'll get it
  3. I agree, this smells so romantic--it's delicate, but not one toned or boring--it's just interesting enough to give one the love tingles. It smells so fresh and clean! I want to get a full bottle of it, just on the smell alone---the phero is a def plus though!
  4. W-o-w ...I got my first shipment, and I'm just out of my mind in love with the smell--HTH, I am so glad I bought you! It's just the complex sweet but sexy smell I've been looking for!! I must say that each time I take a deep breath the scent flourishes into something better and more surprising; it smells like a woman moves. ----mmm--- I smell a deep carmel like scent the strongest, a dash of peach--then a tease of pepper; just lovely. So there's my rave--...so goooood. I love that they sent samples! I love them all but I MUST get Forever After, and New Years Evil; they put star
  5. I am so glad! Goodness, It's hard to find a good sweetish smelling perfume that doesn't smell--well you know...I’ve had a bad run of luck in the past in that department -- I am also relieved to hear that's it's full bodied, and about the quality--all these perfumes look and sound so charming *in love* And just what I've been looking for. Thanks for the input, It makes me feel more confident about my first order here! I almost bought one of the honey scents--wish I had now--well there's always next time
  6. thanks! Mmmmm, I can't wait to test each one I love reading the descriptions and the meanings behind the ingredients; it gives such a fun personal touch to each one--just lovely
  7. Really? I don't know about the "silicone or not to silicone" thing, but as far as the tolerance bit: I did some looking up and this is what I found about the subject....note(these are statments from people other than myself) "Pheromones are natural products of the human body. You already sense them daily on your own body and those around you. They're basically messenagers of social and sexual signals and can invoke a biological response, an urge if you will. Unlike insects and lower mammals we can and usually do choose to ignore these urges. It also depends on the person,some people are mo
  8. Summer Hills


    안녕 환영! Hi! Welcome!
  9. I bought this to try, I hope it's just seeeexy as the label implies--I love yummy smells ---just as long as it's not obnoxious or cheap smelling. I can't wait till I get it! Dose it mix well with other perfumes?--the peachy peppery aspect of its description really got my attention.
  10. Hi there, I'm new, and tres excited about this site! Oh how the internet gods must of been smiling on me when I serendipitously found this place--I looooove perfumes, and this place has such variety! After reading the reviews... I’m awaiting my very first shipment of LPs, and waiting with baited breath! BTW is there a LP that's complex, yet inviting, in a beguiling sort of way?---I like perfumes that intoxicate with just one mysterious waft. recommendations for a LP Virgin would be appreciated Thnx
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