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  1. Thank you, darling. SO sorry about the inconvenient horniness. Really, I am. Heh. And what is it they say about it being the thought that counts? And lascivious smileys inspire ALL kinds of thoughts, don't they? Of course they do...
  2. Thanks, luv. I very much enjoyed writing them. And there's never any such thing as TOO dirty. Just slather yourself in Unseelie Queen and...well...<ahem>...yeah.
  3. Thanks, man. This review is exactly what was running through my head when I conceived of it. The true magic, of course, always goes to Mara. But your review is damned awesome, man.
  4. I particularly enjoyed writing the descriptions this month. I mean, it took a bit of time away from my plans for Global Domination, but I have Minions, Toadies and Lickspittles that can keep everything rolling for a little while. There were so many lust-inducing potions to write about...such exquisite torture to have that first peek at their ingredients, but only being able to imagine their fragrance. Maddening, I tell you. And then you wicked ladies had to go and offer up very special incentives for hints. You do know how to whip the Naughty Jester into a frenzy, don't you? I look forward to all this mutual teasing happening again in the hopefully near future. I adore you all...in my own dark, lascivious fashion.
  5. Leather...ambergris...musk...copal and opium...very dark, very decadent...
  6. <<sigh>> Been very busy with...well...things. Sadly, missed the boob shots.They weren't on there long enough for me to feast mine eyes upon the sumptuous pulchritude. I've got to see them for it to count....once again, the fine print. Devil in the details, and all that... But I DO appreciate the sentiment.
  7. One cleavage = one description...see the fine print.
  8. That will cost more than boob pix....
  9. You have a VERY naughty imagination. We can be friends.
  10. It is indeed. But I also have a full-on Braveheart-style kilt as well...
  11. Brains = sexy. Hmmm...brains AND boobs...mmmmm-hmmm.....
  12. I...keep...staring! Atthepic. Must! Concentrate. Words! Temporarilyfailme. Am! Reduced! TotalkinglikeShatner. Kirkout.
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