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  1. Isa

    Summer Belle

    It is humid here. I want to roll in the scent instead of rolling it on! Oooo hey I can do that with bath and body. :>
  2. popping in to say that i've only just seen the labels and lovvvve them! Where does she get those marvelous toys? err...pictures.
  3. Isa

    Summer Belle

    Interresting. Very summer. Wow is this summer. I got mostly fresh wet melon upon application, in a softer way that other melon scents. Like the melon is a little greener than full ripeness. More honeydew-ish to me. Also cut grass which was, again, softer. Cut grass can be a sharp or heavy scent but not here. It is a surprising combo. I'll have to retest this later. It feels cool, fresh and dewy. I can't really say it is a clean scent as slices of melon on your body would leave you sticky, wouldn't they? But you'd be very refreshed!
  4. Isa

    Banoffee Coffee

    Some people are 'foodies' and some are not. Vive variety! I can't do florals so I aims to be nibbled.
  5. Isa

    Banoffee Coffee

    Did not work on me the first few times, too coffee or too banana as most scents with either of those notes can be on me. I revisited it this week and it has aged well. Now I'm getting the smooth true coffee with a softly sweetened carmel. The bananas are also smoother, truer and deeper. Better balance. Nommmmmmmy.
  6. Damnit. This does nothing for me or my target audiences. :/ However this could be due to a lot of factors so I'll give it another try in a week or so.
  7. You know those movie scenes where the lovers run towards each other through a field of wildflowers and they meet and pull each other down into the grass and the camera pans descretely up? What does your amore skin smell like after rolling about in a field of spring flowers? Cuz I'm expecting one of those scents. It's time for A'MAYING. And maybe another floral cupcake? Stalking on sunshine. I got the stalk like jagger.
  8. I forgot a warning! Self-effects. Because I have worn LAM at work and suddenly that coworker whom I never looked twice at - looks damn good. Beware of self-effects. Especially when they wear off and you're left wondering what the heck you were thinking... LOL!
  9. Good replies! I'm going to throw in my unneeded two cents. Pheromones are a signal. Like a miniskirt or red lipstick or high heels. You put them on to send a message but people make up their own minds about what they will do. For work, even if there is one guy you are trying to attract, all of your coworkers will smell you and you still have to work with them. What if you attract the wrong one? And a few of my female coworkers get VERY irriatable if I wear sexual blends. So I don't. Also, at work you strive for other people to see you as smart, competent, capable and reliable. Ni
  10. I really like this one. Possibly my favorite of the month. I don't know why I was getting notes of booze and cake (other than I think everything /should/ smell like cake.)
  11. Ooooh. I am shy of using berries because they often /scream/ on me but this is just right. Bright, juicy raspberry. Then this warm amber note that makes me purr. Cuddling in the gentle, not-too sweet fluffy.
  12. Wasn't sure I was ready to switch to a spring floral but this was extremely nice today. Reminds me of LP Silver and Hoyden and Silken Moonlight. I seem to only get a very light sweet floral. This one linnnnnnnnnnnngers. The dab this morning is still going strong 14 hours later. Beautiful scent.
  13. Isa

    Cat's Eye

    Tyv, that was priceless! Odd man out again, am I? This does not work on me AT ALL. No mint, no musk, no sweet, no nuffin good. It's not foody. Fortunately I only have a little sniffee and leaves all the more for you. No cat fights, me dears.
  14. Isa


    First impresion: On me this is waaaaaay more musk than sweet. Not cotton candy or pink. Still very nice.
  15. Isa

    Caramel Sutra

    Wet: this is nice carmel yet not-especially foody. Darker and deeper than most of my vanilla category with /a sexy, smokey quality/. An edge. For the days when I don't want to be gooey sweet. However, after time in the dry down it gets too smokey for my tastes. Darn skin
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