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    Finishing my education and giving my kids something better. I like hiking, skating, tattoo's, piercings, music, spendin time with my children and my family, like some sports, campin, clubbin', and pretty much anything else that sounds interesting or fun.. (within reason.. lol)

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  1. Sounds to me like this is one that I need lol.....
  2. I got got to take a whif of this one from beccah1 and ooohhhh mmmm mmmmm perfect i love the smell of this one too...
  3. you will enjoy it here, everyone is very nice...
  4. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  5. I am sstill new here myself, and i found a few so far i love. I'm wearin money honey today...
  6. Thank you all for your tips and advice. It is very nice to meet you all, I am confident I will love it here...
  7. Thank you for the tips, definitely helpful...
  8. Hi everyone, I am sugar and I am new.. I have two children, and I go to college full time.. Unfortunately right now I do not have a job and that really sucks because I like to work, and especially like to make money.. So, I am gettin into all this especially as of recently, and normally I have always been very picky about what fragrances, etc. that I wear, but i have recently been introduced to these and I am fond of them, and I would like to learn and try more.. another unfortunate is that being out of work I am also out of money so buying right away will be out of my reach... But in the meantime I am hoping to learn more about the products, phermones, and you all... It's nice to meet you.
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