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  1. So when are these amazing creations available for purchase?
  2. These look amazing. Can't wait to get the sample pack and probably a bit more. Break out the cc! Mara- Enjoy your well-deserved time off.
  3. As long as I kept getting hit on by younger guys, I'll know I haven't lost it...LOL Tee hee hee! It's got to be the LP fragrances!
  4. Li Eden

    NOX 2009

    Eagerly awaiting my NOX...
  5. Now I REALLY feel old...wahhhh!
  6. You guys are so sweet. Thanks for the welcome. Much appreciated. Li
  7. Hi everyone- I've never actually introduced myself, but better late than never, right? My name is Lisa. I'm a massage therapist/Reiki master and a woman of many talents-lol. I've lived in PA now for 8 years previously residing in NJ and CA a long time ago. I'm a single mom (my husband passed in 2002), but with much loving support of amazing family and friends, have turned this journey into a pleasant one and a great learning experience. My 7 year old son (soon to be 8 years old) is the love of my life. I am truly blessed. He is an amazing spirit. I love to LAUGH as much as possible. Life's too short so enjoy it to the fullest. Hmmm...what else...I love being around happy, positive people and basically maintaining my youth as an adult. Having a little guy around makes that so easy. Like all of you wonderful ladies & gents, I am super passionate about my perfume. Just can't get enough. My collection of LP fragrances is constantly growing and I'm sure will continue to do so. I'm so glad I found LP - Danna & Mara are truly amazing. I hope to learn more from you more experience fragrance folks... Namaste---- Li
  8. I'm wishing for some warm and dark, dark, dark scents.
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