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  1. Time for a new rank...I went from Unicorn Jockey to Surrender Dorothy. Great, now I will have Defying Gravity and For Good in my head all day!
  2. Ok, I've had this since last Friday, but I am currently having computer problems and have to use the business center in my apartment complex's leasing office. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Anyways, when I first put this on, the coffee and amber are most prominent, making me think that it is going be a deep, dark scent like Mark's Girl Nip, but that changes on drydown. That's when the slight tang of apricot brightens it a bit and those 3 notes dance around each other for most of the day until I start to get a whiff of the vanilla. Overall, I like it a lot and found myself huffing my wrists
  3. Yeah, I liked La Vie Boheme even though I thought it would be weird to smell like coffee.
  4. Oh, how I've missed the LP enabling!
  5. Ok, I have been too broke to buy any goodies for a while, but I have been thinking of things to try. Gotta give LP Homme a shot, some more shower gel might be nice. I did love the Eanie Meany Miney one I had, but Mark's Girl Nip might be a fun one to try, too...so I can feel like getting dirty while getting clean, hehe!
  6. Hmm, I like the idea of foody musk, but the phero blend might make for too much chit-chat. Should I or shouldn't I?
  7. Well, if you like it, I suppose I must at least get a trial vial.
  8. Got my notice on Friday, so that means that possibly today/tomorrow I should have my precious bottle of Perfect Match in hand.
  9. Just ordered a bottle of Perfect Match because I liked the lovey-dovey feeling I got from Allumette, but wanted options as far as what scent, if any, to wear with it.
  10. Robert

    Native Soil 2010

    I got a vial mostly for the protection aspect as I was dealing with some stress at work (now alleviated by the source of negativity being fired). On me, it is a combo of clean and dirty...like I had my hands in some dirt and was washing them with a slightly floral soap...no cinnamon, though.
  11. dreaded r-word is due on monday, so i could only spring for a few samples of allumette and excalibur le.
  12. birthday gift to self...i'm thinking some shower gel or some simmer oil and i think i might want a sample of the s'more than a feeling. my inner kid wants to smell yummy at bed time.
  13. ok, the lovely luna gifted me with some DW and even though i am getting over a cold, what i can smell is quite yummy. when i first put it on, it smelled kinda..buttery, is the closest i can think of. then, there is a sweetness, but not overtly so. i wish i could better describe it and stay awake for whatever other tasty evolution it might take, but "drowsiness may occur" is putting it mildy.
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