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  1. Time for a new rank...I went from Unicorn Jockey to Surrender Dorothy. Great, now I will have Defying Gravity and For Good in my head all day!
  2. Robert

    Remind Me Again

    Ok, I know this is supposed to be a female fragrance, but I am a hopeless romantic and bought this one for intent. When I first put it on, I get great, big, stinking, old lady ROSE. But, that quickly dies down and it mellows into a barely there, softly sweet resinous scent. I have really only worn it a few times at home, but noticed there is a cuddly type vibe to it that makes me think it would go great with Perfect Match...which makes sense since it is the replacement for the Soul Mate blend which was in the original.
  3. Robert

    Rapturous Reverie

    Annnddd...I'm back, again. Stupid computer/ISP problems solved! Anyways, I think I must have overdone it with this one. Normally, I love resins, so I slathered it on when I got it. Either it was still in travel shock or there is something my chemistry doesn't like, because it had a SHARP metallic tinge to it. Plus, the longevity made it last into the next day, even after repeated scrubbing. I think this is one that needs to mellow and require only the lightest of application before I try it again. Bummer.
  4. Ok, I've had this since last Friday, but I am currently having computer problems and have to use the business center in my apartment complex's leasing office. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Anyways, when I first put this on, the coffee and amber are most prominent, making me think that it is going be a deep, dark scent like Mark's Girl Nip, but that changes on drydown. That's when the slight tang of apricot brightens it a bit and those 3 notes dance around each other for most of the day until I start to get a whiff of the vanilla. Overall, I like it a lot and found myself huffing my wrists and acting a little, what's a manly word for demure?
  5. Yeah, I liked La Vie Boheme even though I thought it would be weird to smell like coffee.
  6. Oh, how I've missed the LP enabling!
  7. Ok, I have been too broke to buy any goodies for a while, but I have been thinking of things to try. Gotta give LP Homme a shot, some more shower gel might be nice. I did love the Eanie Meany Miney one I had, but Mark's Girl Nip might be a fun one to try, too...so I can feel like getting dirty while getting clean, hehe!
  8. Hmm, I like the idea of foody musk, but the phero blend might make for too much chit-chat. Should I or shouldn't I?
  9. Well, if you like it, I suppose I must at least get a trial vial.
  10. Hey lady! I've been sans-new-LP-money, but that is changing now.
  11. I wore this one today and it was awesome but just not right to wear to work. It was all dark musk with a hint of something sweeter. Scents with chocolate notes always make me smell so nommable!
  12. Money for smellies is tight right now, but hope to try some De..I mean Transition. I like the notes and would like some transformation in the coming year...starting with getting out of *insert expletives here* retail.
  13. Got my notice on Friday, so that means that possibly today/tomorrow I should have my precious bottle of Perfect Match in hand.
  14. Just ordered a bottle of Perfect Match because I liked the lovey-dovey feeling I got from Allumette, but wanted options as far as what scent, if any, to wear with it.
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