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  1. Hi there! I was wondering how to register for trading within the community.  Thank you very much!

  2. Is the bacon note more smoky hickory? Or does it actually evoke OMG bacon? I mentioned this one to the BF and he's drying for me to smell like bacon now...
  3. I LOVE Vampire Bait. I'm thinking of trying this out just based on this.
  4. I'm thinking of ordering this. I'm one of the few women in the office, and there are only three of us under 30... I want to have an air of sophistication and femininity, but also to be taken seriously. How is this in the office?
  5. I sat downwind of everyone so I didn't really get any noticible phero effects (drat) but the scent was very nice, a light powdery condensed milk scent with a touch of caramel (but totally not baby powderish). It's very nice and sweet and innocent. I think I might get a bottle eventually.
  6. Trying this later today when out with some friends, want to get all chatty and cozy with them. Also, wondering if I make this into a spray if it will be way too much of everyone and the waitress spill their guts... But it's an intersting (if slightly diabolical) idea.
  7. This is my biggest order yet! 1 bottle Mara’s Rocket Fuel TRIAL SIZE: Candy Apple Cutie TRIAL SIZE: T.M.I. I kind of went crazy with ordering the Wax Melts... I want to take some to work so I was looking to create a happy and comforting vibe: 6 Summer Sparkle + Alpha-Nol 2 NOX + B2 4 Spa Mint + Tranquility 8 Summer Love + Open Windows 3 Water Blossom + FocusPotion 3 Sweet Caramel Apple + Heart & Soul
  8. I nabbed one of the last brews of this incarnation. It's surprising because the first time I applied it, I had jsut received it in the mail and slathered it on. All I got was spicy cinnamon and maple. Not bad, but I hoping for a little more depth. I put it aside and waited about a month to try it again and wow, I'm glad I gave it a second chance. This tme is was a creamy maple vanilla with a slight drizzle of honey and only a sprinkle of cinnamon. not a whopping pow in the face of spice. It's delivious and is one of those "melds into your skin" blends. The BI makes me feel not exac
  9. I love the idea of noticing different things and focusing better (art major with ADHD) and I totally wear my heart on my sleeve. So while I would love other people to be more empathetic, I feel like I would be a total brooding mopey puddle of sad if wearing this.
  10. Hey LadyV! Thanks for getting back to me I purchased a sample of Girly Twirly and loved it! I like to slather everywhere, so I bought the UN Lace so I can put it on my neck and hair. I never thought to try the two together, Girly Twirly on arms/chest and UN Lace on neck. Maybe I'll try that, or does that seem like overkill?
  11. Just ordered my first big bottle - UN Lace. I'm so excited!!
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