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  1. Just ordered a full bottle of The Captivation Equation. It just screams my name. All sweet sticky gooey goodness in alcohol woth a-nol and cops on top.... Bring it on!!!! Added a full bottle of G&L V2. I just couldn't resist. Are the B2 and G2's here to stay?
  2. Oh man. I got a sample and I wore this in my hair yesterday. It's sooooo gooooooddd!!! Lots of atttentive happy vibes around. Next to that I woke up in the middle of the night smelling utterly delicious. Is the rebrew really close? I'm not even sure if I have enough patience to wait for that answer
  3. Bwahahaha No, not weird, great description, actually. I'm afraid I scare people wearing Dom straight up (well maybe they're scared anyway LOL). Thanks for the heads up Mara!
  4. I'm afraid to try this too, although it sounds less fierce than Dominance. I'm like Starlitegirl 5'9" and I refuse to wear flats. I always wear heels, preferably higher than 4 inches So yeah, maybe a bit to much. What would work better business wise? Dom or Leather? I'm guessing Dom right?
  5. I wore this one to an interview last week. I got a bottle of Cherry Almondine boosted with this from Djac (it's delish!!) and it seemed to be the perfect perfume to wear for this. I had to ask two women about their work and their experiences with other co-workers. It was important for me to find out what the situation was really like, and I needed them to be open and honest about everything. An earlier appointment had gone wrong because of a mix up with one of my co-workers and I knew they would be kind of annoyed that they had to made a new appointment for this. When I entered the room they w
  6. This stuff is hilarious! I'm a reserved person and kinda shy. I like to dress up and everything and that combination causes that I'm often mistaken for being stuck-up and arrogant. Guys that approach me have lots of self-confidence or are downright dominant (I'm not complaining though, I quite like that) and women stay somewhat distant from me. Last week I was wearing Ail's H&S for a test run and the women we soooo nice, it really confused me. They initiated conversation, even started to gossip (which I hate, but they never do that so it must a been a trust thing), complimented me on m
  7. I blanked when I saw the new releases up this afternoon, and apparently I ordered full bottles op Mistress Christmas and Vamp Cafe. I took about 5 seconds, I was out of control
  8. Thanks Ail! That was very helpful! For some reason I thought that different people would react more or less on different phero's and that the result of those reactions combined is what we see (like peacocking, chatter, arousal etc.). I had no idea that it is one reaction to all the phero's combined. (I hope I understood you well). Sometimes I wish I was better in chemistry! (And right now I wish there wasn't such a huge hole in my English vocabulary ) I'm going to dig some more in these forums!
  9. Nice comparison Carrie! I totally forgot about the -none. I've worn -none before but it made me want to bite peoples heads off, maybe the EST balances that! Thanks Mademoiselle and Luna, so ratio's are pretty important... It must have been very interesting making and testing these mixes... I sort of assumed that there would be more a-nol in LAM because that only has a-nol and cops... Anyhow, this just seems to suit me
  10. I'm trying to see what it is that makes this combination so wonderful... With just cops, I get practically nothing. Nothing obvious, that is. Sometimes I'm followed around a bit . With just a-nol, I get lots and lots of friendlyness and chatter. With EST, I again get nothing. But I think that's congruence. No-one buys a "I need to be protected and fussed over"-vibe from me. It's just not who I am. This would make LAM a winner, right? But I get far more results with BI! Am I overlooking something? Any thoughts?
  11. Nice! This one is pretty and feminine without being overpowering. Sweet, but grown up. It's fruity on me at first, but later it softens up and the vanilla (not a food one I think) blends in. Beautiful scent!
  12. Great review lesreveurs!! I can't wait until mine arrives. My crush seems a lot like the man you're discribing. Early 30-s, casual but reserved. Unmarried though . I was wondering, did you get anything from the little boy? Since chidren are much more receptive, I mean
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