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  1. I just made you some pictures of a part of the lot! The photo on the label was made by my husband and show our desk and PC in the studyroom and my own legs in the most dangerous killer heels I own The gorgeous bottle the ladies picked out for the alcohol version Lots of perfume
  2. You're talking about my PE here!!! I haven't written here in quite a while but I read sometimes. Since I own a company now next to my job there just isn't enough time!! But yes, my husband gave me a super custom for my birthday last year and I have a huge amount of both oil and alcohol of this and I love this perfume to pieces!! I would like to show you the label that came with it, but I can't find my digital version, I asked my husband if he still has it in his mailbox so I can show you anyway I'm glad I came by, so nice to read you like it!!
  3. I think Pink would be great for summer! nI haven't been able to try it though It's still on my list! I love the Red. I have the gold too and it's really good but the Red just fits me!
  4. I don't think there's a page with discriptions. The idea of Androtics MX's and P's was that people would test them and see what results they got without knowing what to expect. Therefore AD doesn't list what's in there. There are quite some (former) AD users here so I'd say ask away and maybe we can help
  5. Hi Yummy! I just dropped in for a welcome! I see you got great tips already and the CB hits sound great!! I'm a naughty one like you. I love to see phero effects on people and wear them for my own kicks, to see how they work and influence people. My results I use to my own benefits of course, but nothing inappropriate. And hey, it's just great to feel someone thinks your sexy, isn't it? I'm still looking for the ultimate products and quantities for myself too, but I've experienced that my best friends has no problems with me wearing cops, where women I don't know (well) act distant or bitchy, so yes, there's quite a difference! Have fun playing around!
  6. Welcome Tyvey!!! I'm sure you're going to love your goodies!!!
  7. Sugared Roses? Really? I like the chocolatini too actually, but smelling like chocolate candy sometimes makes me feel a bit too girly and I'm afraid to screw the scents up. On the other hand, I'm not wearing them now either Thanks again!!
  8. Great suggestions TG! I have a great pile of unused samples I like but rarely use so I'm going to dive into those! LOL @ Carrie I sure hope I can fix them though! Their neroli lingers on me for hours and it feels too masculine for me. Luckily it was pretty easy to sweet that one up! I do not own any unscented AD's because they're so darn expensive, so now I have a bunch of really sweet stuff I'm afraid to try out
  9. Thanks xev! I think I have some sniffies of Hotness Personified. I kinda like the cookie and chocolatini but they are so sweet I'd like to kind of "vamp" them up and make them more sophisticated. Maybe somewhat darker and spicier. I think I might do a search in the Parfumerie section here to find some good ones...
  10. Just ordered a full bottle of The Captivation Equation. It just screams my name. All sweet sticky gooey goodness in alcohol woth a-nol and cops on top.... Bring it on!!!! Added a full bottle of G&L V2. I just couldn't resist. Are the B2 and G2's here to stay?
  11. Thanks Rosebud! I just gave it a try on the neroli. I added some Anti-Piggy since it's fruity too an two drops of peach e/o. Now it smells peachy, a lot softer en definitely more feminine! I have no idea what the phero's are going to do though, so we'll see about that. I have dilluted it it to about half the strength, but I can now spray a bit more without killing all life around me with my mosquito-spray-smell I think I'm going to have more trouble on the chocolatini and the cookie, any suggestions on what to add to that?
  12. Hi ladies, I still have some Androtics to go bottles that I'd really like to test, but their scents are very heavy and really not subtle... I'm thinking of adding some LP to improve the scents, especially that terrible neroli. Do you think that's possible? Would the oil ruin the phero's? Or are the Androtics scents so strong it's not going to make a difference? I'm looking forward to read your thoughts! Hugs, ToJ
  13. Oh man. I got a sample and I wore this in my hair yesterday. It's sooooo gooooooddd!!! Lots of atttentive happy vibes around. Next to that I woke up in the middle of the night smelling utterly delicious. Is the rebrew really close? I'm not even sure if I have enough patience to wait for that answer
  14. Hi! I think I saw you on the Androtics forums too! You made excellent choices! Both the reds are huge favourites of mine! Have fun here!
  15. Indiviana was the lovely first raving reviewer on this, which was great, since I suck at reviews especially if I can't do them in my native tongue . I could just add to it. But I have to say it again, it's gorgeous! I'm pleased to see the girls like it!
  16. M's Night Delight is lavender, pears and vanilla. The pears come out strongest at first, juicy, accompanied by a gorgeous lavender. Has a sweet drydown, but not overpowering at all to me. B's Winter Wind contains peppermint, lime and white suger. It's wintery minty freshness with a sweet drydown. I'm exited again. I think I want a bottle of LP Silver!
  17. Bwahahaha No, not weird, great description, actually. I'm afraid I scare people wearing Dom straight up (well maybe they're scared anyway LOL). Thanks for the heads up Mara!
  18. I love this so much! I especially get the almonds, it reminds me of marzipan with cherry pie filling on top. It makes me feel content and comfortable, I can't stop huffing myself! I got this as a present for Djac and I'm hoarding it now! That Jergens lotion sounds divine too... *off to check e-bay*
  19. Ok now I definately want one. I'm so attracted by these, it's like magic :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  20. I'm so exited to read all of your reactions! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: I've only bought one bottle of this which I totally regret... Does anyone know if I can just ask for the same in the customs section? I can imagine it would be hard for the ladies to redo it exactly the same but since it's not a complicated scent (I think?) it would be pretty close right? The peppermint lasts quite long on me, much longer than I thought it would!
  21. Wooohhh I'm glad you like it! I sure love it too! It certainly is fresh and clears my head but it's not putting-tears-in-your-eyes Fishermans Friend peppermint. It's just perfect. The lime makes it cheery and the whites suger adds a little sweetness. I love love love it, the ladies did a wonderful job on my first custom sugared! (I want to do more now hehehe) Candy canes on ice, I really love that description
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