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  1. I'm afraid to try this too, although it sounds less fierce than Dominance. I'm like Starlitegirl 5'9" and I refuse to wear flats. I always wear heels, preferably higher than 4 inches So yeah, maybe a bit to much. What would work better business wise? Dom or Leather? I'm guessing Dom right?
  2. I'm curious about the answers to your question! I read about pheromones years ago and thought it would be interesting to see if they really worked. I bought my first phero's in The Netherlands where I live. It was alphanol with a smidge of copulins. I should have done more research back then, I didn't know what a decent hit was and thought they didn't work, I put them away between my perfumes. Quite a while (like two years or so) later I found the bottle, I had a social event that day and thought, why not? That day I saw behaviour from people I know I had never seen before! Since I'm fascinated about human behaviour I'm having lots of fun seeing what diffrent phero's do to people Edit: Ah I see there's another thread, thanks Luna!
  3. Love your reviews 2ndStar! Can't wait to hear what the BI brings you on your second date!!! Have fun!!
  4. Oooohhhh there were only two bottles! I've been wondering around the store fir this one, hee hee.. I sure hope I get a sniffie!
  5. I wore this yesterday right before I left for the pool and my guy told me: Mmmmm... You smell nice.... You smell like honey.... Which is amazing since he doesn't recognize scents ever. Everything smells like vanilla or cinnamon to him . 30 secs later: You look HOT!!! Huh? I was looking like this when you came in two hours ago too you know....
  6. Hi ladies, Since the discription of cougar suggests that it's especially for women in their sexual peek I was wondering what your ages are and how Cougar works for you. The sparkly vibe sounds great to me, but wil it work on a 20-something? (If this is asked already somewhere else, I'm sorry)
  7. I wore this one to an interview last week. I got a bottle of Cherry Almondine boosted with this from Djac (it's delish!!) and it seemed to be the perfect perfume to wear for this. I had to ask two women about their work and their experiences with other co-workers. It was important for me to find out what the situation was really like, and I needed them to be open and honest about everything. An earlier appointment had gone wrong because of a mix up with one of my co-workers and I knew they would be kind of annoyed that they had to made a new appointment for this. When I entered the room they were friendly but quite reserved. Obviously I started with making excuses for the mix-up and they seemed really pleased with that. During the interview they became more revealing about how their company works and what they thought of that, what irritated them, what they love about it. After half an hour they became really candid telling what really annoyed them and how they felt about certain collegues. Of course I didn't know this women at first, but I felt they really trusted me with their stories. When I left they were really nice and told me to come back any time when I had more questions. Not sure if it were the phero's but, I never got so much trust from people I don't know!
  8. This stuff is hilarious! I'm a reserved person and kinda shy. I like to dress up and everything and that combination causes that I'm often mistaken for being stuck-up and arrogant. Guys that approach me have lots of self-confidence or are downright dominant (I'm not complaining though, I quite like that) and women stay somewhat distant from me. Last week I was wearing Ail's H&S for a test run and the women we soooo nice, it really confused me. They initiated conversation, even started to gossip (which I hate, but they never do that so it must a been a trust thing), complimented me on my bathing suit (like 10 times or something, we were in the pool), I was totally invited into their "circle" Conversations with men lasted for a much longer time too. I know most of the men at the pool better than the women so that was different from the start, but they acted more interested in talking to me. One of my male friends acted as he usually does, but kept giving me weird, worried looks, like he was wondering if everything was ok with me. I need to play some more with this!
  9. Will do Danna. I'm not very much concerned though. Lots of idiots working here at the post office... One of them actually wrecked my front door while trying to force a package though the mailbox. As long as they don't break (or steal!) my stuff I'm quite patient with these people...
  10. Hmmm I should do more research on the male scents now that I have a guy that appreciates a nice perfume (on both himself as on me). Designing scents as a counterbalance to your mind-numbing job... Wow that sounds familiar... Maybe I should try writing a novel too Welcome here!
  11. Hey, my order from the 11th got here before the one of the 6th. I wonder where the other one is... But at least I can give Ail's OW a roll!
  12. I blanked when I saw the new releases up this afternoon, and apparently I ordered full bottles op Mistress Christmas and Vamp Cafe. I took about 5 seconds, I was out of control
  13. What? What? I totally missed this!!! :-o I'm curous about Garland & Lace. Vamp Cafe, Misstress Christmas and Jo Anna's Christmas Candy. I love everything christmas
  14. Ahhhh those are the stories!!!! I'll have to try that with my BI/LP Red/OCCO Red!!! Do you have any idea how many mls total you put in the preloaded alcohol bottle? Was it 10 mls in total?
  15. PMS week so: 1. Teddy Man 2. Constant Craving 3. Hotter Than Hell 4. The Good Witch 5. Want
  16. Heehee, I'm like that the whole year round I couldn't help getting a sample of Get Stuffed too. I'm intrigued by it...
  17. Same here! I ordered a full bottle unsniffed. And a bottle of Fallen Angel. Fell in love with the label right away
  18. Oh my, I'm so sorry for your loss Djac *hugs*
  19. Aaaarrggghhh I discovered this yesterday thanks to hmmb19 and now I see it's GONE! Oh no! This one is so gorgeous! Sweet, powdery, soft, aaaahhhh.... Wow.... I guess I'm going for a search in the trading posts, hehe!
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