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  1. The ladies will probably send you your orders together, so you'll get one huge LP Potion Party! You're going to love your BI. I got great results with my VERY shy and reserved target, he totally defrosted, talked my ears off, acting all touchy and lots of peacocking (we were in a public place and amount coworkers so serious flirting is not a very good idea ). My best male friend went nuts for it last night and if I'd let it happen he would have thrown me on the bed and ... well you know (we get intimate every now and then, so it's not new, but this behaviour was very obvious )
  2. Hmmm in my case it's the other way around. The OCCO just turns foul on me (actually, it turns sour... like milk does ). BBM stays kinda ok but not as gorgeous as it starts out and it fades really quickly too...
  3. Livinginparadise, I think you're going to have a lot of fun with this! Oh and welcome!!! CC, I can imagine. I found that socials combined with cops do much more for me than just cops. I'm not a very outgoing person and adding just cops to that doesn't help. Adding a bit of bubbly and sweetie (I'm referring to anol and est) makes people want to be around me. After that the cops are just a sexy bonus
  4. Do you have any idea what kind of vanillia it is that triggers that reaction? I love vanilla scents...
  5. Mwuhahahaha I love this stuff! I just put a significant amount on when my best male friend came by to drop something off. The cops were still clearly detectable and I was a bit self conscious about them. I decided to ask him if he smelled something. "Yeah, it smells a bit weird." It wasn't offensive to him. It died down quite fast. I had to get to my voluntary job though, so I applied LP Red over the BI while he was in the room. Wow did he like that! He got all starry eyed and commented on how lickable it smelled. Ha. I think the BI helped. My target reacted verrrry well again. He can be very shy but alphanol always works on him, making him very chatty. He was talking to me all night even though I was trying to teach a class. The est seems to give a new dimention, he's acting more touchy and, a huge diffrence, is more open to touch. In the past he'd always been sort of intimidated (how do you write that???) with me touching him (due to lots of gossip) but last night he was very much ok with it. Hmmmm... Not sure what the cops do to him though...
  6. Interesting! Thanks Robert! This scent sounds really good to me... *looking around for some guy to give this too*
  7. That's so funny DS! I'm wearing my Red to bed too, I love it so much! The white is lovely, but my skin chemistry turns is into something unpleasant in about two hours Maybe I can layer it with something. It might be the kind of vanilla though, Beth's Blushing Milkmaid does it too OCCO Purple is gorgeous! Very feminine, sexy AND sophisticated! *purr*
  8. I'm afraid I have to add gold to my wishlist. And blue. And green. I already own red, and white and purple are on it's way. How many cops does a girl need huh?
  9. Great story! I have to try that combo!! I'm a terrible flirt, I just don't have the guts, I'm still learning
  10. Sound really good Robert!! Are you going to do reviews? I'd love to hear some reviews on the men scents from a man's point of view
  11. This is how I react on too much androsterone... Maybe there's more androsterone in TH than in H&S?
  12. Tell me mooorrreee!! What's it like? I'm having trouble imagining this scent
  13. Fruits and spearmint? MMMMMMM!!! I'd like that!! (And I could used something to beat cravings too hmmffff)
  14. Oooohhh I just came across the post about international shipping and I was afraid it wouldn’t be possible but it is!!! Yaayy!! I can’t wait for them to be available, they’ll be great for winter!
  15. Will all the UNscented phero's come in an alcohol base? *so exited*
  16. Welcome!! I'd like to know more about how much you're applying of these too, please tell us girls!
  17. BTW, for my last order I didn't get a shipping notice. The arrival of the package was a lovely surprise
  18. Ooohh I can't wait for these! I love the oil and CPS stuff but temperatures aren't very high here so diffusion isn't optimal. And coming in pretty bottles is a great extra!
  19. I haven't ordered those (yet) Liz, I'm kind short on cash Hang in there girl
  20. Applied this last night for another test. Gave it a good shake, applied: Cops. After 5 mins: No cops, just the CPS I guess? Layered it with Frosted Mulberry since I was wearing some of that already and went out. Nice!!! Lots of chatter, laughs, good body language, peacocking, the lot! Nothing "blatant" but hey, I was in a public place. Felt like Miss Popularity among men. Women didn't seem to react on it, but weren't bitchy either as with wearing just cops. Great mix!!
  21. Phero Girl grew on me. I'm not really a honey kind of girl I guess. I don't hate it, but it doesn't seem to fit me when I first but it on. During the day it softens and I love that!!
  22. Yes it was the unscented BI. Does the cops smell stay? Because maybe I didn't shake the bottle good enough then. The cops were very obvious when I put the BI on but after a while I only smelled something that seemed to be alcohol or something. Weird... Have to try again!
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